Executive Roundtable Group

Share. Connect. Grow.

Roundtables provide an opportunity for executives to network with their peers, stay informed on emerging trends, exchange ideas and share best practices in a confidential forum. Participation in an AHTD executive roundtable enhances professional development and business growth.

AHTD members will develop a trusted network with colleagues from the industrial automation industry as they share ideas and discuss challenges that are faced on a daily basis.

AHTD Roundtables are led by an expert facilitator from MRA - The Management Association who ensures each session is an effective and efficient use of time.

Executive roundtables focus on critical conversations within a peer group of 10-12 participants. Due to the sensitive nature of discussion in these groups, potential candidates will be screened for competitive conflict with current participants before being added to an existing roundtable.

Program Details: 8 Sessions

Roundtables for 2018

Contact AHTD for your chance to participate in 2018. Kick-off session will be held Tuesday, April 24, 2018 in Coronado, CA prior to the Spring Meeting 2018 Welcome Reception. 

• The remaining sessions will be convened via conference call for 1 – 1 1/2 hours each during six of the remaining months of the year. Specific times and dates will be determined by participants’ schedules.

• All sessions will be facilitated by MRA and may include other subject matter experts depending on the topic scheduled for discussion.

• Participants must commit to regular participation in the meetings, and the two face-to-face sessions at the AHTD Conferences are mandatory.

• No substitute attendees are allowed as it changes the dynamic of the group.

• Note: A minimum of 10 participants are needed before launching an executive roundtable.


Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your peers, exchange ideas, and stay informed on current topics and trends. The topic for the Spring Meeting kick-off will be:

Engaging Your Employees - How are you getting your staff committed to your business?

Future topics will be prioritized by the group and may include:

• Elements of your Strategic Plan: Will it get you where you want to go?
• Multi-generational workforces: What does your company’s future look like?
• Growth and Sales: Overcoming constraints to achieve your goals.
• Organizational Development: How are you supporting this in your executive role?
• Compensation Strategies: Are you attracting and retaining the talent you need?
• Performance Management Systems: Are your rewards systems aligned with your goals?
• Finance: What are your key financial metrics and how are you achieving them?
• Focused Succession Planning: Do you have a plan for yourself and your top performers?
• Leadership: Self-knowledge and a plan for more effective leadership
• Culture: How do you shape it? Are your employees engaged for high-performance?
• Cybersecurity: What are you doing to protect your business and minimize risks?

Member Program Pricing

Per person: $500.00 for 8 sessions.

The per person fee covers participation at the roundtables held onsite at the Spring and Fall Meeting locations as well as six conference calls during the year. Conference registration fee is separate.


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