Join AHTD to access the Membership Benefits that can help you:

   •  Establish Partnerships With New Distributors
   •  Strengthen Relationships With Current Distributor Partners
   •  Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs
   •  Hone Your Skills and Those of Your Team
   •  Bring More Attention to the High Technology Distribution Industry

The Association for High Technology Distribution is all about building member and industry success.
Founded in 1985, AHTD provides tools, training, and unparalleled networking opportunities that help members in the high technology distribution industry innovate, collaborate and achieve their business goals faster. Our bi-annual meetings are viewed as "can't miss” events by our members and offer:

   •  An Industry Showcase
   •  Visionary Presentations
   •  Business-Critical Information
   •  Unparalleled Networking

The benefits of AHTD membership extend far beyond the conferences. As an AHTD member, you can access:

   •  A private database of information on potential distributors
   •  Ongoing training in areas such as sales, management, and technology
   •  Personal development through involvement on committees that map out the direction of the organization

It's no wonder that members often refer to AHTD as their primary industry resource for increasing efficiency and opportunity. To learn how you can join this elite group of distributors and manufacturers focused on growth, contact Leigha Schatzman with any questions.

To view the Manufacturer Membership Eligibility Requirements, click here.

Membership Video

Know anyone in industrial automation who is not yet an AHTD member? Perhaps it's even you! Watch our Membership Video to check out the benefits of membership and click here to find out why #AHTDrocks!