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AHTD’s mission is to enhance the productivity and efficiency of high technology automation solution providers and manufacturers through connection, collaboration, and education. Each committee is tasked with helping AHTD fulfill its mission through the development and implementation of programs within its given area.

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Executive Committee
Create and communicate strategy, vision and mission to Board of Directors; handle day to day operational issues on behalf of the association. Assess industry issues and challenges on an ongoing basis; develop AHTD mission and key strategic objectives for Board consideration and action.

Board of Directors
Further develop and refine the Strategic Plan as created by the Executive Committee and oversee its implementation; approve decisions and financial activities associated with AHTD as defined by the by-laws. Appoint appropriate Committees and Task Forces as required to implement strategic plan.

Program Committee
The Program Committee develops programming for AHTD Spring and Fall Meetings and encourages all members to participate in all functions to derive maximum benefit from the meetings. Input is taken from the executive committee, members and board to determine themes and issues to be addressed as program topics at each meeting. The committee reviews membership evaluations of each previous meeting and takes the input into consideration when developing future programs and locations.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee creates prospecting campaigns and assists applicants through the membership process including the host program at Spring and Fall Meetings, and acts as a resource/mentor to members throughout the year. Committee members research applicants submitted by the Board to determine if they meet the membership eligibility requirements. The committee continually evaluates the membership prospecting campaigns and application process and submits recommended changes to the board.

Manufacturer Advisory Council (MAC)
The MAC provides a means for the manufacturer members to have a voice in the program content of the Meetings, including: sponsorship opportunities, product showcase and speaker topics. The MAC ensures that manufacturers are engaged and interested in the success of the association; and, to recommend prospective ASP, MAN and MAC members to the AHTD Board of Directors.

Promotions and Communications Committee
This Committee is responsible for all marketing and promotional efforts of the association especially focused on the monthly electronic newsletter. The committee reviews materials for the electronic newsletter, creates ideas and projects that will positively highlight the association’s mission, and take on projects as assigned by the Board of Directors.