Refer a Member

That's you. Every day.

You made the realization way before all the others: those industry folks who have not yet discovered the tools, education, and networking benefits of AHTD membership. Now is the time to let everyone know!
Are you working with a company that fits the DNA of AHTD but hasn't yet become a member? Let us know who the next amazing member company could be by sharing contact information with us. AHTD's Membership Committee will take it from there.

For each and every* new ASP member who fills out an application that is approved by the Board of Directors, the referring AHTD member company will receive complimentary dues for the upcoming year. What is an ASP, you might ask?? In AHTD we have ASP Members, Manufacturer Members, and Strategic Business Partners, and we call the AHTD distributor members our Automation Solutions Providers, or ASPs!
There is no limit to the number of times an existing member can receive these complimentary dues, so scroll through your contacts and send a message introducing any new distributor to AHTD membership, sharing how beneficial membership in AHTD has been for you and your company. Simple right?

Thank you in advance for your commitment to the Association of High Technology Distribution!

Please submit their contact information to Leigha Schatzman via email or click here to fill out a form.

Watch our membership video below:
Membership Video

*The credit will be applied against future dues once the new ASP member company has paid its new member invoice. 

Membership Video

Know anyone in industrial automation who is not yet an AHTD member? Perhaps it's even you! Watch our Membership Video to check out the benefits of membership and click here to find out why #AHTDrocks!