Become a Strategic Business Partner

Become a Strategic Business Partner!

Purpose: To establish a program to enhance access and collaboration between companies that can provide strategic products or services to AHTD and AHTD member companies without applying for traditional membership.

Benefits: The Strategic Business Partner Program will create opportunities for key vendors and business partners to promote their services to aid in general business operations of AHTD member companies, and to make it more convenient for AHTD members to connect and collaborate with these business partners.

Definition: Any company that offers a strategic product or service to the industrial automation distribution industry or has shown a significant commitment to the industry, and who meets the qualification requirements adopted by the Board of Directors, may be eligible to participate in the Strategic Business Partner Program upon payment of the required fees.

The Strategic Business Partner will be known to AHTD as selling or providing a business product or solution that is strategically related to the industrial automation industry at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. The Strategic Business Partner will adhere to any non-solicitation/meeting policies established by the Board of Directors.

Eligibility Requirements:

• Applicant must provide a business product or solution that is strategically related to the industrial automation industry.
• Applicant must provide a service/product that is in the best interests of AHTD and its members.
• Applicant must not qualify for AHTD membership under criteria of Automation Solutions Provider (ASP) or as a Manufacturer.
• Applicant must meet these qualifications and such other criteria as established by the Board of Directors.
• Participants will not engage in “spamming” the AHTD membership. Any evidence of such a practice will automatically disqualify the company from participating in the program resulting in fees and benefits being immediately forfeited. 
• Participants will comply with Communication and Marketing Guidelines
• There is no exclusivity of product or service for companies who apply to this program.
• Strategic Business Partners cannot serve on the Board of Directors and are not eligible to vote or serve on committees.
• Strategic Business Partners may register for AHTD semi-annual conferences at the member rate,

Benefit to Participant:

At Meetings:
• Display booth at two meetings a year for two (2) booth workers. (Any additional partner employees attending meeting activities or as booth staff will need to purchase a full meeting registration fee.)
• Hard copy marketing
• Meeting attendee roster

• Member list
• Strategic Business Partner company logo to be included during promotions on the website banner/scroll at AHTD’s discretion
• Inclusion on the Strategic Business Partner page on the AHTD website
• Opportunity to submit monthly entrees for the AHTD electronic newsletter

Fee: $6,000 annual fee. The annual fee for Strategic Business Partner is valid for one year from date of acceptance and receipt of payment.

Membership Video

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