Women in Automation



Connect with the AHTD Women in Automation - Women Dedicated to #doinghightechbetter, Together.

After hearing from several passionate AHTD members interested in fostering connections and creating mentorship opportunities within the association, we started the AHTD Women in Automation group. Harness the power of AHTD and RSVP for our next Zoom meeting. 

Check out the upcoming session. The session will center around a main theme as we connect and network together. 


If you have any questions or if you need an AHTD member website login, please contact Leigha Schatzman
Women in Automation Committee
Led by a dynamic team of ladies dedicated to doing high tech better together, the AHTD Women in Automation group is focused on sharing the joys and challenges of being in industrial automation while encouraging connection, collaboration, and education.  Are you interested in joining a committee of supportive leaders charged with guiding, monitoring, and steering this group of motivated women as it makes its mark on industrial automation?  Join the Women In Automation Committee and make a difference!  Click here to apply.