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Connect with the AHTD Women in Automation - Women Dedicated to #doinghightechbetter, Together.

Join the dynamic team of ladies dedicated to doing high tech better together!  The AHTD Women in Automation group is focused on sharing the joys and challenges of being in industrial automation while encouraging connection, collaboration, and education. 


Empowering Women in Automation through inspiration, education, and advocacy to do high-tech better.

AHTD Women in Automation Pillars

We strive to engage the community of Women of AHTD through the WIA pillars.

Empower by creating an inclusive, safe space to share concerns, ask questions, and address challenges. We foster a networking environment in which members can lean on each other and grow to be confident, strong leaders in both their organizations and within AHTD.

Inspire by celebrating each other, women in the larger community, and future generations of Women in Automation to be industry leaders. We drive the conversation by sharing stories, advice, and successes.

Educate by offering mentorship and access to both internal and external development opportunities. We focus on the subjects that are top-of-mind to our community members.

Advocate by encouraging all our industry partners and leaders to participate, listen, and contribute in the conversation for understanding and supporting Women in Automation. We are the stewards of our peers.

Network with other Women in Automation through these events and experiences geared to fostering connections and creating mentorship opportunities with the association.


Zoom Meet-ups

Connect with the AHTD-WIA to access the tools, education, and networking for doing high tech better!

Join us for a Panel Discussion with Mavens of Manufacturing’s Meaghan Ziemba and  Automation Ladies’ Nikki Gonzales

Thursday, November 2 | Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Central

Click here for more information and to register!

Mark your calendars for the Fall Meeting, October 25-27 in Marco Island. 

We hope to see you all in Marco Island! Join us for the WIA Meet-up on October 25 at 3:00 pm. Check out the full details for the fall meeting here.

Looking for a good read or podcast to help you personally and professionally as a Woman in Automation? 

Join us at the AHTD-WIA Meet-up at Fall Meeting, where we will have another book give-away! We'll be giving away six different books, recommended by WIA members. Can't make it to Fall Meeting? Make sure to join the AHTD LinkedIn Group where we'll share and discuss recommended books, articles, podcasts, and more.

Women in Automation Spotlight

Get to know your fellow Women In Automation through the monthly spotlights, where they will share a bit about who they are and what Inspires them. Check out this months Member Spotlight here.

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Women in Automation Group

Women in Automation group at the 2023 Spring Meeting Louisville, KY.

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