Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Join AHTD to access the Membership Benefits that can help you:

   •  Grow Your Business/ Monitor Trends
   •  Identify New Manufacturer Partnerships
   •  Increase Efficiency/ Cut Costs
   •  Hone Your Skills and Those of Your Team
   •  Bring More Attention to the High Technology Distribution Industry

The Association for High Technology Distribution is all about building member and industry success.

Founded in 1985, AHTD provides tools, training, and unparalleled networking opportunities that help members in the high technology distribution industry innovate, collaborate and achieve their business goals faster.

We recognize the power of connection, and at AHTD we provide you with a multitude of opportunities to connect with potential partners, as well as peers and industry. Our bi-annual conferences are viewed as "can’t miss” events by our members and offer:

•  An Industry Showcase - Connect with leading automation manufacturers. Explore new opportunities. Discuss issues with executives of your current manufacturer partners.
•  Visionary Presentations - Learn about emerging trends and technologies from some of the leading experts in the country.
•  Business-Critical Information - Attend programs and workshops that address everything from effective sales management to retaining high performing employees to managing a product portfolio amid rapidly evolving technology to evaluating your customers’ true profitability.
•  Unparalleled Networking - There is nothing like the power of face-to-face interaction to exchange ideas and see what you haven’t seen before. Our conferences create opportunities for you to network with your peers and industry thought leaders, as well as many of North America’s leading automation distributor principals.

The benefits of AHTD membership extend far beyond the conferences. As an AHTD member, you can access:

   •  A private database of information on potential distributors
   •  Ongoing training in areas such as sales, management, and technology
   •  Personal development through involvement on committees that map out the direction of the organization

It’s no wonder that members often refer to AHTD their primary industry resource for increasing efficiency and opportunity. To join this elite group of distributors and manufacturers focused on growth, complete our application and submit to

Membership Video

There are many different reasons why you should consider joining AHTD as a distributor or manufacturer member...just watch our membership video.