Section: Press Releases
Unlocking Efficiency and Safety with Pneumadyne® Series Manifolds
Regular maintenance is crucial for safe and efficient operation in all machinery and equipment, and fire suppression equipment is no different. We recently collaborated with a leading manufacturer in the fir suppression industry to enhance the design of their sub-assembly. By integrating a customer Pneumadyne® series manifold, they achieved space savings, enhanced safety, and improved serviceability.
piCOBOT® Electric breaks the barriers of cobot arm movement
Fully electric, slim design and absence of air-tubing and cabling. The new piCOBOT® Electric heads towards another success for Piab's piCOBOT® program. "This is the most versatile and energy efficient electric pump unit on the market for cobot applications", says Madeleine Sheikh, Global Product Manager at Piab Group.
Predictive Analytics Delivers an Edge to Industrial Suppliers - SalesProcess360
Summary: Industrial suppliers bank on having the right solutions at the right time for their customers. That’s not always an easy task when mitigating evolving supply chains and customer needs. However, predictive analytics can help suppliers anticipate customer behaviors and gain a competitive edge. Learn how CRM can help.
Weidmuller USA Introduces New DCS Marshalling Terminal Blocks
Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., introduces new Klippon? Connect W2C and W2T Range signal wiring and signal marshalling terminal blocks that offer flexible solutions for complex production processes.
MRA May 2024 Talent Report
In this issue, MRA shares a look inside workforce numbers including job opening rates, labor force makeup, generational makeup and more.
DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) Introduces Industry’s First Product Access Cloud, Acadia
DDS has been building solutions to the most common problems encountered in delivering rich, complete product content through a single source in real-time to enable B2B e-commerce. Acadia brings together these capabilities into a single platform giving users access to the product information needed to drive B2B e-commerce growth.
Marshall Wolf Automation Certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
Marshall Wolf Automation, Inc, an industrial automation distributor, is proud to announce their national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).
Smart M12 Capacitive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link Communications
Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce three new series of M12 Capacitive Sensors with IO-Link Communications. Based on our 4th generation TRIPLESHIELDTM sensors, these CA12 Series Sensors represent the ideal solution for industrial automation equipment in applications where sensing performance must be continuously and accurately monitored and logged. Semiconductor and printing applications benefit from this kind of data for accurate detection of different sized objects, shapes, and dielectric values.
Northeast Regional Sales Manager Bill Lebeau Elevated to Senior Sales Manager of Distribution
Bishop-Wisecarver, the leading provider of linear and rotary motion products, is proud to announce the promotion of Bill LeBeau to the position of Senior Manager of Distribution. With over 13 years of dedicated service to Bishop-Wisecarver® as an Eastern Region Sales Manager, Bill is well versed in the Company’s products and customers, making him an excellent candidate to drive the company forward in this pivotal role.
MRA April 2024 Talent Report
"We want to be this collaborative, great environment, but at the same time we’re very performance driven. We want constant improvement. We want to grow, and we want to be the leaders in everything we do!" —Peter Feigin, President, Milwaukee Bucks

In this issue, MRA shares Milwaukee Bucks Member Profile, obstacles to good work-life balance, top company challenges, and more.
Weidmuller USA Named to 2024 Top Workplaces USA
USA Today announced that Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., has earned the 2024 Top Workplaces USA award issued by Energage.
Sick CRM? Get The 5-Step Cure - SalesProcess360
Businesses experiencing low CRM adoption rates often struggle to achieve desired ROI. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that can address the most common setbacks experienced with CRM implementation. SalesProcess360 breaks down these five steps and offers consultative support for success.
Kollmorgen Expands AKD2G Versatility With The Launch Of New Synchronized Communication Protocols
Kollmorgen, a global leader in motion control systems, today announced the latest update to its AKD2G servo drive. With the introduction of these new features, Kollmorgen has broadened its offerings to additionally support PROFINET IRT and Ethernet/IP with CIP Sync alongside CANopen®*, EtherCAT®*, and FSoE time-synchronized communication protocols. Each protocol is rigorously tested with a variety of motion controllers and certified by industry standards organizations.
Carlo Gavazzi Introduces the Expansion of DC SSR Portfolio: 3 Amp SSR for up to 60VDC
Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce the expansion of our RM1D Series Solid State Relays, which will now include a 3 Amp DC rated version. This new addition, the RM1D060D3, will have a rated output voltage of up to 60 VDC.
Airline Hydraulics Launches Comprehensive Industrial Framing Solutions with New WireCrafters Product Line
Airline Hydraulics, a leading distributor of machine automation, fluid power, and machine safety products, is excited to announce today the expansion of its aluminum extrusion and machine safety offerings with the addition of a new product line, WireCrafters. This strategic move allows Airline Hydraulics to provide more comprehensive industrial framing solutions, including safety, security, and storage options that complement the company's existing offerings from Bosch Rexroth and AMGS.
Norgren – NEW! Food and Beverage Whitepaper Just Released!
Automation empowers food and beverage operations to adapt to changing customer needs, create customized products, and develop new processes and solutions.
Dobot Unveils First Dual-Armed, Teleoperated X-Trainer Robot for the Education and Research Industry
Following the success of the world's first desktop grade collaborative robot, they have today announced a new additions to the lineup. Dobot X-Trainer Robot. From the outside, Dobot X-Trainer Robot look much like two human arms which is inspired from human engineering. On the inside, however, the units have had an upgrade to support a instant imitation.
Norgren is an IMI Featured Leader of Automation in 2024
From improving the speed, productivity, reliability, and efficiency of equipment, to generating significant energy and cost savings, or lowering the total cost of ownership across many industries, Norgren’s solutions are designed to help customers pursue progress, achieve new goals, and overcome challenges.
MRA March 2024 Talent Report
"When it comes to the changing workforce, there are really three themes that are worth calling out: AI and automation, the skills gap, and the rise of independent work!" —Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairperson, LinkedIn

In this issue, MRA shares information on Employer Associations of America Survey results, focus on internal mobility, "future-proof skills," and more.
In Search of Hidden ROI? Don’t Overlook Employee Onboarding - SalesProcess360
It takes an average of three months to learn product and application basics, another six months to become proficient. Onboarding within a technical company is a serious challenge but one that can be overcome with an effective CRM. Learn how a CRM implementation expert can guide your process for faster, more complete employee onboarding.
Weidmuller USA Rounds Out Energy Storage System Portfolio with Addition of Battery Connectors
Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., announces the launch of its rugged battery connectors that are now available to round out the company’s comprehensive energy storage system (ESS) portfolio.
Airline Hydraulics Expands Distribution with Phoenix Contact to Serve Western PA and West Virginia Markets
Airline Hydraulics Corporation (Airline) is happy to announce a significant expansion of its sales and service territory as an Automation Elite Distributor of Phoenix Contact products. This newly broadened reach now includes Pittsburgh and all of Western Pennsylvania, further fortifying Airline's presence in the North and Southeastern United States, from Maine to Georgia.
JHFOSTER Acquires HTE Technologies, Expanding its National Reach
John Henry Foster Minnesota, Inc. (JHFOSTER), a strategic collection of engineers, support and service teams, compressed air experts, and automation and robotics solutions provider, today announced the acquisition of HTE Technologies, a leading automation supplier operating in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. To be run as an independent division of JHFOSTER, the company will continue to serve its existing customer base, operate under its existing brand, and remain at its headquarters in St. Louis.
Nexen Group, Inc. announces the Evolve™ line of Electric Servomotor Brakes
Nexen Group, Inc., is announcing the Evolve™ Electric Servomotor Brake that offers Zero Backlash up to the full holding torque in a rigid, easy to install product.
Women in Automation March '24 Spotlight
Our March AHTD-WIA spotlight is on Angela Fox, Project and Marketing Manager for Cone Drive by Timken, located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. Angela’s dynamic personality allows her to be successful in these two very different roles at Cone Drive. Her two positions give Angela the unique opportunity to use both her 16 years of industry-specific engineering experience as well as offering an outlet for her creative energy.
Women in Automation February '24 Spotlight
“From the moment I interviewed with Drew Baryenbruch, I was hooked to learn more about this industry and be a part of it,” recalls Jill, who recognizes Real Time Automation’s President as the source of her fascination with industrial automation. Jill says she has found his “passion and enthusiasm infectious, and [is] grateful for his openness,” in continuing to teach her as she has navigated through learning everything there is to know about automation. This is high praise, indeed! If you have sat in on any of the Women in Automation (WIA) meet-ups or have had the pleasure of meeting her in person at an AHTD meeting, you will agree Jill is an inspiring member of the AHTD-WIA group, always going out of her way to welcome and include new members.
Introducing the New Redesigned KYKLO Website
The redesigned site showcases KYKLO's full solutions portfolio, dedicated to serving Manufacturers and Distributors of all sizes, and reaffirms the company’s position as the premier partner for digital, commerce, and content needs in the market.
MRA February 2024 Talent Report
"Things have opened back up—and some people have realized that not only do they like the financial benefits of working, but the mental stimulation and social benefits as well." —Judith Ward, Vice President and Thought Leadership Director, T. Rowe Price

In this issue, MRA shares information on "unretiring," pay transparency laws, the impact of AI on HR, and more.
Weidmuller USA Launches PZ 2.5: The Smallest Crimping Tool on the Market
Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., has developed and launched the PZ 2.5 S, the smallest professional crimping tool on the market for wire end ferrules. In control cabinet construction, cables of the most diverse cross-sections are fitted with wire end ferrules.
Omron Automation Expands Manufacturing with Relocation to Greer, South Carolina
As the company continues to focus on expanding production capacity in the Americas, improving lead times, and providing enhanced service, they have made the strategic decision to relocate their current facility in Renton, Washington to Atlas at Inland Port Greer in Greer, South Carolina.
25 Years of Growth and Innovation at Schmalz Inc.
In 1998, Schmalz, Inc. was just starting its operations in Raleigh, NC in a 2,000 sq. ft. building with a handful of employees. Since then, the company’s headquarters has grown 50 times that size to 100,000 sq. ft. with plans to expand even further to 140,000 sq. ft. Twenty five years later, this expanded space is filled with 118 employees who are committed to the Schmalz mission of innovation and continuing to develop products that support customer needs.
Airline Hydraulics Strengthens Commitment to Safety by Becoming Distributor of Fortress Safety Products
Airline Hydraulics has embarked on a strategic partnership with Fortress Safety Products to stay at the forefront of addressing its customers' evolving safety needs.
MRA January 2024 Talent Report
“AI is moving from traditional human resources shared services admin up to human resources business partner work—using virtual assistants who provide us with cognitive insights, like Alexa. It’s going to happen faster and harder than HR people are ready for." —Laurence Collins, Director, People and HR analytics, Deloitte

In this issue, MRA shares changes in bachelors degrees required, HR trends for 2024, the "great negotiation" in 2024, and more.
Women in Automation January '24 Spotlight
Tina started working in automation many years ago for Marshall Wolf Automation, the family business, having held many positions within the organization prior to her taking on the role of CEO in 2018. While working her way up through the various positions and responsibilities, Tina's father, the company's acting CEO and President for 40 years, was her mentor, always making sure Tina knew she had a seat at the table. Tina says her father was the most influential person in her career.
JHFOSTER Promotes Industry Veteran Clark Oster to Senior Vice President, Compressed Air Group Sales
John Henry Foster Minnesota, Inc. (JHFOSTER), a leading provider of automation solutions, today announced it has promoted Clark Oster to Senior Vice President, Compressed Air Group Sales.

In his new role, Oster will have overall responsibility for the Compressed Air Group including sales, piping, installation, parts and customer service. He will also maintain responsibility for the company’s account managers. Previously, Oster was Vice President, Sales for JHFOSTER and has been with the company since 2018.
How Manufacturers Can Create Value and Increase Profit in 2024
Over the past year, orders have come in at a slower clip. And when manufacturers win work, it can be challenging to get parts in a timely manner — and at price points that manufacturers want to pay. Most firms still haven’t returned to just-in-time inventory.
Get Your Ultimate Guide to the World's INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION EVENTS in 2024
Stay updated, network, and explore the must-have to attend events! Don't miss these opportunities to showcase your solutions and shine in the industrial automation sector.
KYKLO is Now Fabco's Top Lead Generation Tool
KYKLO is now Fabco's top lead generation tool, accounting for over 60% of their overall leads by spend. It's a game-changer in their marketing strategy.
New piCOBOT® plug & play configuration for FANUC CRX cobots
Piab continues the journey to make their foremost cobot tool family available to all end users. They now offer piCOBOT® and piCOBOT®L in completely FANUC CRX adapted versions. Plug & Play in every aspect.
Weidmuller USA Unveils stripax® plus Tool: An All-in-One Solution to Cut, Strip & Crimp Single Wires
Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial automation and connectivity products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., has unveiled the new stripax plus tool that can cut, strip and crimp single wires in the cross-section range from AWG 20 to 14 (0.5 to 25 mm2).
Norgren Success with Large Amusement Park – A Case Study on Pneumatic Actuation
At the heart of innovation are machine builders and companies that take value in their customers’ experiences. This specific amusement park prides itself on entertaining its guests during rides and adventures. Looking to elevate the ride experience, the park was on a mission to breathe life into its animatronic wildlife.
Hey AHTD - Here is your 2024 Board of Directors!
The Association for High Technology Distribution announces the list of members and their roles for the 2023-2024 Board of Directors.
Women in Automation October Spotlight
Having worked for family-owned EandM located in Healdsburg, California since she was in high school, Lillie Deas has been in the automation industry for 8 years. She learned the motor repair business during high school and college, repairing and rewinding electric motors.
Women in Automation December Spotlight
Kimberly Barty has been in Automation for the past 10 years, having started her journey in Customer Service at Murrelektronik in November 2013 as an Inside Sales Representative. Today, Kimberly has worked her way up to an Account Manager role, proud to be “handling one of my company’s largest accounts”. In her role, Kimberly provides Murrelektronik’s e-commerce customers with both inside and outside support.
5 Reasons for Improving Collaborations Between ECAD and MCAD Applications
EPLAN Consulting Team Lead, Paul Goleniak, gives reasons for improving collaborations between ECAD and MCAD Applications. Electrical computer-design (ECAD) software and mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) software play an equally central role in many design engineering applications.
Caltrol Selects SalesProcess360 to Implement CRM and Elevate Customer Experience
SalesProcess360, LLC has entered into a CRM consulting agreement with Caltrol, Inc. of Las Vegas. Working closely with the Caltrol CRM team, and all key stakeholders, SP360 will audit their current sales processes, and CRM needs, and produce a detailed implementation strategy to elevate performance, customer service, and resulting ROI.
Wheels of Change: Airline Hydraulics' Bike-Building Initiative for Fostering Hope Bucks County
Instead of the traditional team-building methods, Airline decided to harness its core strengths, pitting its managers against one another in a friendly competition to construct a fleet of children’s bicycles. This bike-building initiative encouraged team interaction but also offered support to a local nonprofit, Fostering Hope Bucks County. Fostering Hope Bucks County is a nonprofit organization wholeheartedly committed to enhancing the lives of local children in the foster care system by equipping them with vital support and resources.
Air Hydro Power Acquires Lebanon Power of Bowling Green and Lebanon, KY
“Lebanon Power compliments and expands on the capabilities of Gatterdam Industrial Supply to provide customers with complete motor and pump service from small to extremely large. This gives AHP three specialized motor and pump facilities in Kentucky. We look forward to working with the great team at Lebanon Power” stated Matt Ott, Co-CEO of AHP.
MRA December Talent Report
“When all is said and done, your ability as a leader will be judged by how well your people and your organization did after you were gone. Your lasting value will be measured by succession.” - John Maxwell, American Author and Speaker

In this issue, MRA addresses Generative AI in the Workforce, miscellaneous perks offered in 2023, succession planning, and more.
Dobot Launches Global Debut of New CRA Series Collaborative Robots
Dobot, a global leader in collaborative robotics, introduced its latest CRA Series collaborative robots and the VX500 Smart Camera on the international stage. This unveiling marks a significant milestone in Dobot's commitment to advancing automation solutions.
This Holiday Season, Discover the Perfect Present for Your Automation Business!
Access over 29 million industrial automation parts on our global platform. Join a thriving community of 4,300 Purchase and Sales Specialists who trust us daily to trade and source the needed parts.
Norgren is Revolutionizing Pharmacy Automation
Revolutionizing Pharmacy Automation! Electric actuation is taking over the pharmaceutical industry with its precision, speed, and reliability. From automated pill dispensers to smart medication sorting, it's transforming how we manage and dispense drugs.
EPLAN Expert, Sean Mulherrin Shares Tips on How to Generate Your Circuit Diagrams in the Shortest Possible Time
How do you make a schematic as fast as possible? EPLAN expert Sean Mulherrin took up this challenge live in front of hundreds of viewers. We present his tips that you can use to generate your circuit diagrams in the shortest possible time.
Carlo Gavazzi Introduces the New Series of LD30..PBR…IO Photoelectric Laser Sensors with IO-Link
Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce the new series of LD30..PBR…IO Photoelectric Laser Sensors with IO-Link. This new sensor series offers the most functionality in a single photoelectric sensor on the market. Endless unique configurations, preventative maintenance capabilities, and application functions provide customers with unparalleled flexibility for challenging applications.
Why Manufacturing Executives are Optimistic About the Coming Year — Even in the Face of Inflation and Recession Fears
Rising production costs and the threat of a recession are top of mind among American manufacturers. A Wipfli survey of more than 330 manufacturing executives across the country shines light on manufacturing trends, including where industry leaders see pain points and challenges. Supply chain issues, employee retention and data security are big concerns shaping leaders’ decisions.
MRA November Talent Report
“Do the best that you can, with what you have, some of the time." - Jess Pettitt, Founder, Good Enough Now

In this issue, MRA addresses hot topics around pay transparency, evolving roles of managers, employee engagement, and more.
The Role of Independent Distributors in Industrial Automation
Today, as industries rapidly evolve, automation is key for efficiency and competitiveness. Independent Distributors of Industrial Automation play a crucial role, in bridging the gap between manufacturers and users. Let's delve into their vital contributions and the 7 unique advantages they bring, including market expertise, customized solutions, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and niche expertise.
New Leuze location in the USA
As part of its global growth strategy, Leuze in the USA is moving to new premises. The US Leuze Sales, Production and Development departments will in the future be located in Duluth, Georgia.
Predictive Analytics Delivers an Edge to Industrial Suppliers
The industrial supply landscape is often a battle of having the right solution available when your customer needs it. Do this well and your customer will boost your service score. The result is you get closer to being a true partner and not just a commodity supplier. So where can suppliers use predictive analytics, within their CRM, to anticipate customer behaviors leading to successful transactions and gain a competitive advantage?
Components Express Inc. Acquired by 2Connect
2Connect acquires Components Express Inc., a leading US-based manufacturer of specialty high speed cable assemblies used in the Machine Vision and Automation IIOT / Industry 4.0 environment as well as enclosures and mounting hardware to support Industrial cameras.
Join European Industrial Automation Leaders at ANEXPO 2024
Automa.Net, a reputable figure in industrial automation technology, is excited to extend an invitation to ANEXPO 2024.
IMI - Norgren - Supercharge Your Automation Projects With... Endless Electric Motion
Are your customers looking to increase productivity, save energy or reduce the cost of ownership? I's all possible with Endless Electric Motion! Your customers can now find a Norgren solution to an even greater range of their automation project demands.
Resiliency & Digital Transformation Tips for Manufacturers
Wipfli would like to introduce you to Bill Boucher who leads their Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution practice. Bill is dedicated to helping business leaders assess, improve and scale their operations while aligning digital solutions to support growth and efficiency.
Free Book from SalesProcess360! Get Maximum ROI From CRM, from the Industry Thought Leader
In this free guide, a $50 value on Amazon, author and CEO Brian Gardner taps his decades of industrial sales experience to provide simple yet effective strategies for getting the most from CRM. Learn how to approach CRM as a critical system for sharing and leveraging data throughout your business. Learn how to gain a competitive edge in the market with a revamped sales process and an engaged team. It’s an essential read for those interested in CRM in the industrial marketplace.
MRA October Talent Report
"Times of rapid technological or social change divide generations. Right now we have both! “

In this issue, MRA shares the Summer 2023 Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey's four key takeaways, the PwC Employer Benefits Perspective Survey, importance of DEI when considering a company for employment, and more.
Piab Strengthens its Grip on Palletizing with the LBG-50
Piab strengthens its grip on the palletizing solutions market with a lightweight bag gripper, the LBG-50. The new gripper easily lifts sacks and bags with weights of up to 50 kg [110 lbs]. As it is a pre-engineered tool, valuable development time can be saved.
Carlo Gavazzi is Excited to Introduce the New SPDE Power Supply Series
Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce the new SPDE Power Supply Series, which are very compact 2-phase (bi-phase) and 3-phase DIN-rail mount power supplies designed for electrical panels with limited space.
Triad Technologies, LLC Announces the Acquisition of Tech-Syn Corporation
Triad Technologies, LLC (“Triad”), a leading distributor of fluid power, industrial automation and fluid conveyance products, announced that it completed the acquisition of Tech-Syn Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiaries (“Tech-Syn” or the “Company”) on March 31, 2023. Tech-Syn is a value-added distributor of seals, O-rings, hoses, fittings, and other related products sold to a wide array of industrial customers.
EPLAN Continues to Focus on Optimizing the Quality of the User Experience in the Most Current Version of the Software.
EPLAN continues to focus on optimizing the quality of the user experience in the most current version of the software. Following performance improvement for designing in 2D and 3D in the previous versions, the EPLAN Platform 2024 promises yet another boost in ease of use. Here is an overview of the top features.
Marshall Wolf Automation Becomes a Silver Partner of Education to Empowerment
Marshall Wolf Automation became a Silver Partner of Education for the McHenry County College Education to Empowerment Program.
Encoder Shares New BiSS C Compatible, Low Profile, High Resolution Encoder
Enconder's most compact, high resolution absolute thru-bore encoder using optical reflective technology is here, and they want you to have the first look.
EPLAN Discusses the Update to License Activation
In the latest edition of the EPLAN newsletter, we discuss the update to license activation. Sign up today.
Clayton & McKervey Joins Wipfli
On September 1, 2023, Clayton & McKervey joined Wipfly. The Clayton & McKervey team bring to Wipfli its proven experience in the automotive and technology sector; specifically in the manufacturing and distribution, industrial automation and architecture and engineering industries, among others.
B&D Industrial Achieves Prestigious Platinum Status Award for Timken Bearing Shop Certification
B&D Industrial, a leading name in industrial solutions, is thrilled to announce that its Savannah, GA service shop has been awarded the prestigious Platinum Status Award for Timken Bearing Shop Certification. This remarkable achievement is a testament to B&D Industrial's dedication to quality, industry best practices, and exceptional bearing maintenance training.
Carlo Gavazzi is Pleased to Announce the Launch of Their EM511 Series 1-Phase Energy Meters
Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce the launch of our EM511 Series 1-Phase Energy Meters, which are simple, intuitive, self-contained, easy-to-install, remotely accessible energy meters suitable for load balancing in EV charging or PV and storage applications. They are ideally designed for 1-phase energy metering for Level 1 and 2 EV charging applications meeting all global certification requirements for this application.
Frank Hurtte’s New Book "The New Sales Guy Project" Challenges Conventional Wisdom and Guides Aspiring Salespeople to Thrive in Knowledge-based Distribution
In a refreshing departure from the norm, esteemed author Frank Hurtte boldly presents a new book that delves into the motivations behind its creation. With a passion to empower and educate, Hurtte presents "The New Sales Guy Project" as an indispensable resource for those embarking on a sales career in knowledge-based distributor industries such as Electrical, Industrial, Automation, Fluid Power, Safety, and Power Transmission.
MRA September Talent Report
AI may not take your job, but someone who knows and understands AI will. —Thea Ducrow, CEO, Creative AI Leadership Consulting, LLC “

In this issue, MRA addresses hot topics around Gen Z strategies for recruiting and retention, the Earnst & Young/LIMRA 2023 Benefits Study, leveraging AI effeciencies, and more
Meet MaxRecall Technologies
Meet and learn more about your newest Strategic Business Partner.
10 Points Guide to Multi-Channel Automation Parts Sales
Discover the keys to success in the automation trade with our 10 Points Guide. Gain valuable insights into boosting sales and visibility in the industry.
NFPA Publishes 2023 Update to Fluid Power Technology Roadmap
In this, the fifth publication of the NFPA Roadmap Committee, both the focus on the design, manufacture and function of fluid power components and systems, and the expanded engagement with stakeholder across the fluid power and motion control supply chain, have been maintained.
Women in Automation September Spotlight
Desiree Grace has been in the automation industry for 31 years and is currently the President Americas, for Cembre, Inc. an Italy based manufacturer of electrical connectors, printers, and associated products, ’leading sales and operations for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
Welcome Gift for AHTD Members
If you are interested in trying a demo account of Automa.Net, we offer an extended, 1-month free trial and a 30% discount should you choose any of our memberships. Valid for all AHTD members.
MRA August Talent Report
"1. Focus on your most winnable employees. 2. Give them a better manager."
Jon Clifton, CEO, Gallup, on changing the way your people are managed.

In this issue, MRA addresses hot topics around employee engagement from thriving to loud quitting, recruiting and retention, Geofencing and more.
Centro Inc. Expands Automation and Robotics Capabilities with AUBO USA Robotics
Centro, Inc., a leading automation and robotics solutions provider, is proud to add AUBO USA Robotics to its company line card. Adding AUBO USA Robotics will provide customers access to the latest collaborative robotics technology.
BSC Industries Recapitalizes with BCP
BSC Industries, a distributor of bearings, power transmission products and electrical and automation products, has partnered with Benford Capital Partners to recapitalize the company in support of their long-term growth initiatives.
Women in Automation August Spotlight
“I motivate myself to constantly seek new challenges and actively pursue opportunities for personal growth through skill development training. Our company prioritizes continuous improvement to create forward-thinking mindset, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation.”
- Lauren Wally of Advanced Controls & Distribution, A GCG Company
Accelerate Business Growth with a CRM: Here's Why You Need One
In today's competitive business landscape, it's important for businesses to have a strong sales team. But
even the best sales team can't succeed without the right tools and processes. That's where CRM comes
The Future of Vacuum Automation for AMRs and AGVs
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are becoming more common in warehouse logistics and material handling industries. With the growth of ecommerce spurred by the pandemic, the need to further automate warehouse operations becomes even more apparent.
MRA July Talent Report
"If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near." —Jack Welch, Former Chairman & CEO, General Electric

In this issue, MRA addresses hot topics around internships role in recruiting, low-cost employee perks, census statistics and more.
Hello from New SBP at AHTD.
I am Marcin, the CEO of Automa.Net, a B2B online-platform dedicated to the trade of industrial automation. I'm thrilled to step into the newest Strategic Business Partner (SBP) role at AHTD. Looking forward to the enriching exchanges we will have, both virtually and in person, at the AHTD conferences.
Thorp Controls Automation Solutions Acquires Delta Electric Supply
Thorp Controls, a provider of high technology products to the industrial manufacturing, original equipment manufacturing (OEM), and system integration markets, announced an asset purchase of Delta Electric Supply based in Wichita, KS.
The Story of a Fully Integrated Channel Digitalization
KYKLO received a very impactful testimonial from Jim Brys, Corporate Director of Distribution, of Mitsubishi Electric Automation. He sat down with us to talk about his organization’s nearly 5-year relationship with KYKLO.
From CAD to an Engineering Platform
Whatever the size of your project, EPLAN can eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and automate processes that might take hours or sometimes days in other CAD systems. .
Keys to Building High-Performance Sales Teams
In today’s competitive business landscape, building a high-performance sales team is crucial for driving revenue growth and achieving long-term success. However, assembling a top-notch team requires careful planning and execution. We sat down with Kirk Armstrong of Armstrong Sales Coaching to explore the key elements of building a high-performance sales team and offer insights on effective recruitment, training, motivation, and accountability strategies.
Kyklo Shares Why Manufacturers Should get Online
By creating their own online platforms, manufacturers can capture potential customers seeking their products and redirect these buyers straight to the distributors operating in their specific regions.
Clayton & McKervey Share Five Crucial Trends That are Driving the Industry
Team members at Clayton & McKervey recently had a wide-ranging conversation with friend Jim Beretta of Customer Attraction and The Robot Industry Podcast about important developments in industrial automation. They touched not only on the current-state outlook for automation and the power of data, but also on five crucial trends that are driving the industry.
IKO Announces Jeff Williams as its New National Distribution Sales Manager
IKO is pleased to announce that Jeff Williams has joined the company as its National Distribution Sales Manager. Jeff will contribute to IKO’s efforts to expand sales through the IKO distribution network and developing and growing key relationships. He will be based out of our East Coast Office in Parsippany, NJ while working closely with our distributors and sales teams across the country.
MRA June Talent Report
"When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute." - Simon Sinek

In this issue, MRA addresses hot topics around bonus compensation, change management, workplace satisfaction and more.
John Henry Foster Rebranding to JHFOSTER to Reinforce its Position as an Automation Leader
John Henry Foster has announced a rebrand to JHFOSTER to better reflect the company’s growing capabilities through its recent strategic acquisitions.
MRA May Talent Report
"To young people everything looks permanent, established-and in their eyes everything should be, needs to be changed. To older people everything seems to change and in their view almost nothing should." - Malcom Forbes

In this issue, MRA addresses hot topics around leadership, emerging talent and succession planning. Read the full report here.
23 Ways ChatGPT Can Help Professionals in Business
We're hearing the buzz term Artificial Intelligence (AI) more and more each day. It is changing the world, and the way we do business. If you're not already using AI in your business, should you, and how? In this video the Foster Institute will share 23 ways ChatGPT can help professionals in business.

In addition, here are a list of Artificial Intelligence websites.
JHFOSTER Announces the Acquisition of DevLinks
John Henry Foster Minnesota, Inc. (“JHFOSTER”) today announced it has acquired privately held DevLinks Ltd, a leading systems integrator providing full-service automation solutions to include design, integration and installation with emphasis on the plastics industry.
How to Overcome Negativity During a Recession
With economic decline often comes a lot of negativity. This negativity typically comes from the media, but you might start to hear it from your own employees or even your management team. During such times, it can be easy for the negative thoughts to take over. In this article, ITR, shares some tips to help you lead your company through the ups and downs of the business cycle.
IWDC Partners with DDS for Improved E-Commerce Product Content Offering
IWDC, the largest Member-owned purchasing and marketing cooperative serving the North American Industrial Gas and Welding industry, has announced a strategic partnership with DDS (Distributor Data Solutions), the wholesale distribution industry’s leading product content solutions provider.
Fuji Electric shares how their AC Drives, HMI Units, Instrumentation, and other power devices are trusted in Industrial Automation processes!
Fuji Electric provides energy-saving, miniaturization, and efficiency which is why our products are trusted by original equipment manufacturers.
AI in Wholesale Distribution
In today's rapidly evolving world of wholesale distribution, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained recognition as a powerful tool, its widespread adoption in the industry is still in its early stages. Embracing AI technology can provide a strategic edge by streamlining operations and enhancing customer service. The potential benefits of AI are numerous for distributors who are willing to explore its untapped potential.
Join us June 21st for EPLAN L!VE 2023, Your Journey in Machine & Panel Design. EPLAN's CEO Sebastian Seitz will share the future strategic direction of EPLAN. We'll also share the upcoming EPLAN Platform 2024 with a live demonstration and more.
Piab Group acquires IB Verfahrens- und Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Piab Group has entered into an agreement to acquire IB Verfahrens- und Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG.
IB develops and builds customer-specific, turnkey systems for filling, emptying, metering, and conveying
bulk materials. IB is also a well-known partner in the additive manufacturing industry, where they provide
ultra-sonic sieving and reclaim machines.
WAGO Makes the Switch to KYKLO Syndication+
Expanding on a previous partnership with KYKLO, WAGO has migrated to KYKLO’s Syndication+. Under the partnership, KYKLO provided enhanced product data and proprietary services to WAGO distributors using the KYKLO eCommerce solution.
Interlynx has launched a new iteration of their Rebate Management system
Interlynx has launched a new iteration of our Rebate Management system automatically calculates, tracks, and reports on SPA/Rebates (Contract/Rebate) programs.
Three Must-Have Software Platforms To Equip Your Sales Team For Success
As wholesale distributors look to grow in 2023, one of the key factors to consider is their sales
technology stack. A well-designed and integrated tech stack can empower your teams to be more
productive, efficient, and successful, driving growth and revenue for your business. In this article, we will
explore the foundational technologies that every wholesale distributor should incorporate in their tech
stack, including an email system, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and Customer
Relationship Management tool (CRM).
EPLAN's YouTube Channel allows customers to increase knowledge of software's capabilities
EPLAN’s on demand YouTube Channel is where you can filter through topics and specialized programming to increase knowledge and learn more about the software’s capabilities.
Put into the right light
With the KRT 3C contrast sensor, Leuze is presenting the smallest contrast sensor it has ever made for the packaging industry. Plant operators benefit from a compact device that can be used in many different ways: The KRT 3C detects reliably and position-accurately even if there are only small contrast differences and with glossy surfaces or highly reflective materials. This is made possible by the multicolor functionality: red, green, and blue light as well as white and laser red light will not allow any object or printed label to pass through unnoticed. This allows users to select the right light source for any material and contrast mark color for their packaging and labeling processes.
EPLAN Education adds a fresh perspective to the fields of education and advanced training
EPLAN now has a solution for those searching for a concept for learning intelligent design and cutting-edge engineering solutions. The ideal solution is EPLAN Education. The engineers of the future are challenged and supported by intricate lesson plans, comprehensive study materials and the potential for certification.
Barr-Thorp Electric Announces Name Change
Barr-Thorp Electric and sub-brand CPI Automation and Control Solutions announced a major rebrand to become Thorp Controls Automation Solutions.
Airline Hydraulics Corp. Expands Their Phoenix Contact Sales Territory into New England and Western New York
Airline Hydraulics Corporation (Airline), an elite distributor of Phoenix Contact products, announced today the expansion of their authorized sales territory to include Western New York and New England. Local industrial automation users will see increased Phoenix Contact product availability, application support, and access to Airline’s eCommerce,, for easy online ordering.
EPLAN addresses the hot topic "Tackling the Shortage of Skilled Workers" in upcoming webcast
Chris Louch, Director of EPLAN’s Go to Market, and Thomas Michels, Senior Director of Business Enablement, invite you join them for their webcast “Tackling the Shortage of Skilled Workers”, where they will share insight into successfully growing companies despite the shortage of skilled workers.
Carlo Gavazzi announces the launch of it's new Rugged Full-Metal Inductive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link Communications
Carlo Gavazzi is excited to announce the launch of the new ICF Full-Metal Inductive Sensors. This new sensor family offers increased uptime due to their durable stainless steel housing and intelligent monitoring capabilities. Applications in harsh environments such as agriculture, food & beverage, and machining will benefit from the ICF Full-Metal Inductive Sensors.
Marshall Wolf Automation receives the 2022 Excellence in Distribution Award from Autonics
The Autonics Excellence in Distribution honor is awarded to the distributors that displayed a uniquely high involvement and performance with Autonics over the past year.
RG Group sponsors Smart Factory and Warehouse with leading technological solutions
The recent unveiling of The Smart Factory @ Montreal, has marked a milestone for the Canadian manufacturing and warehousing industry. A first-of-its-kind facility, it is intent on transforming manufacturing and warehousing through digital transformation.

“Canadian businesses tend to be sized for the Canadian market but are often competing against multinationals that have extensive resources and sophisticated systems,” says Alan Taliaferro, Deloitte Canada partner and leader, The Smart Factory @ Montreal. “This space provides an opportunity to support Canadian businesses by enabling them to learn about, and experiment with, an array of live smart technologies in a fully automated factory and warehouse. By setting stretch goals and embracing change, Canadian businesses will have the opportunity to learn how to achieve a competitive edge in both local and global markets.”
EPLAN launches new Smart Mounting software
EPLAN launched new Smart Mounting software to support highly efficient manual control cabinet assembly. Recently, the lack of skilled employees has caused bottlenecks in control cabinet and switchgear manufacturing. With EPLAN Smart Mounting software, users are now led through the entire control cabinet assembly process.
Carlo Gavazzi introduces its new High Performance, Ultra-Compact DIN-Rail Mount Power Supplies
January 23, 2023 – Buffalo Grove, IL – Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce the new SPDE Power Supply series, ultra-compact single-phase DIN-rail power supplies designed for electrical panels. The SPDE Series consists of three frame sizes, starting from 75 W with 32 mm width, through a 480 W with 48 mm width. Their ultra-compact housing design allows them to save up to 50% panel space, making them ideal for applications where space is limited.
Centro announces leadership change in Automation & Robotics Division
Centro, a regional industrial solutions provider and distributor of flow control and automation products, have announced a leadership change in its Automation & Robotics Division. Steve Hartling has been promoted from Territory Sales Manager to the position of Sales Manager for the Automation & Robotics Division. Jerry Walling previously held this role and is now Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Centro. This move will allow him to focus on marketing and expanding Centro's customer base.
Small Positioning Tables Can Deliver Big Performance
When you need a fast, responsive positioning mechanism for semiconductor equipment, inspection instruments or assembly machines, choosing the right one can be difficult. Finding a linear positioning table that exhibits the high accuracy and thrust these applications demand is only the beginning of the selection process. You’ll also need to fit the table into a confined space while making sure it doesn’t produce excessive harmful dust.
Triad Technologies, LLC Expands Illinois Presence with the Acquisition of Industrial Service Products, LLC
Triad Technologies, LLC (“Triad”), a leading distributor of fluid power, industrial automation and fluid conveyance products, announced today that it completed the acquisition of Industrial Service Products, LLC (“ISP” or the “Company”) on December 30, 2022. ISP is a value-added distributor of custom fabricated hose, valves, fittings, and other related products for the safe, efficient transfer of liquid and dry goods to a wide array of industrial customers. The Company is headquartered in Lyons, Illinois, where it has served regional customers since 1972. The business has a well-deserved reputation for strong technical capabilities, quality product lines, and extraordinary customer service. The combination of Triad and ISP creates a powerful platform to deliver value-added solutions to new and existing customers.
Selected Joulin grippers now sold under the Kenos® brand
End of May, Piab acquired Joulin, a global leader of vacuum gripping solutions. Now, Piab has integrated three of Joulin's gripper ranges into its Kenos® portfolio, while the solutions for the heavy-duty industries continue to be marketed under the Joulin brand, whose experts further support these industries in defining the best system for each individual customer.
Introducing piCOMPACT®10X SMART, added functionality to a small footprint ejector
piCOMPACT®10X SMART is a compact, efficient, and intelligent ejector that enables you to take the next step in production control and ease of use. Based on COAX® technology and integrated IO-Link technology, piCOMPACT®10X SMART offers enhanced flexibility, quicker installation, and improved customization to fit your needs.
Maximize Profitability with Strategic Pricing & Intelligent Forecasting Built into Your ERP
Distributors with an intelligent ERP in place to help identify sporadic and unusual demand while maintaining customer pricing have a strong advantage over the competition; ultimately leading to better control over their inventory, increased margins, and a more seamless, profitable year.
DDS Fall Meeting 2022 Recap
DDS is thrilled to have been a part of the 2022 AHTD Fall Meeting as a Strategic Business Partner. We were fortunate to connect with so many of the wonderful AHTD members and fellow service providers.
Is Your Team Speaking The Same Language?
As a leader in your organization, you are responsible for ensuring that your sales team is productive and achieving results. A crucial step that is often overlooked is to clarify expectations and KPIs (key performance indicators) across the company. Everyone should be working toward common goals, and to do so, they need the same vocabulary. Here are six key areas to focus on when clarifying expectations, talking the lingo, and understanding your KPIs.
Airline Hydraulics Corporation Announces New Location Opening in York, Pennsylvania
Airline Hydraulics Corporation (Airline), a leading distributor of machine automation, fluid power, and machine safety products, opens a new hydraulic and lubrication facility at 3425 Woodbridge Ct, York, PA 17406, on November 1, 2022. The expansive 50,000-square-foot building increases custom lubrication systems, power units, hose assembly, and maintenance offerings for heavy-equipment users throughout the Northeast. The York community also benefits from local hydraulic application support, increased component inventory, and new career opportunities.
EPLAN Introduces New Platform Software for 2023
What do you get when you add international macro management, a high-performance 3D engine and a device-management system? A newly released, innovative software solution from a single source that enables you to plan, design and manage your electrical engineering operations.
Unique in the world: Wachendorff encoder configurable via NFC
The new WDGN series of incremental encoders from Wachendorff Automation enables configuration of any pulse count from 1 I/U to 16,384 I/U via NFC. Depending on the equipment, Basic or Advance, further parameters can be set via APP using NFC.
Ensure Continued Success by Utilizing ERP Functionality to Elevate the Customer Experience
Having a single-source solution for CRM, online sales, and daily operations management allows wholesale distributors to offer customers a personalized experience, driving sustained loyalty and consistent new business. The ability for multi-channel selling and anytime/anywhere access to your products is what empowers distributors to maintain business-as-usual, despite various challenges they may face.
WA22M3: World's most compact Ethernet/IP encoder
Wachendorff is expanding its range of Ethernet-based encoders: Encoders with the EtherNet/IP protocol are now available, including the most compact in the world: the WDGA58F. Wachendorff's R&D team has succeeded in minimising the sensor to an installation depth of just 46.5 mm.
AHTD Members Invited to Participate in Technology Roadmapping Effort
Every two years, AHTD works in partnership with the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) to complete a technology roadmapping effort designed, in part, to identify the technology needs of customers in markets serviced by both AHTD and NFPA members. The project, the NFPA Technology Roadmap, lays out an R&D agenda for fluid power technology so that it can continue to meet or better meet those market needs. Any AHTD member that works with fluid power would benefit from participating in this effort, and is welcome to join the volunteer committee that will review market data and complete the project in the first half of 2023.
ES Tech Group Releases a Free B2B eCommerce Guide
B2B eCommerce is growing. 65% of B2B businesses now have online transactions. 90% of buyers say they'd turn to a competitor if a company's digital presence doesn't suit their buying needs. ES Tech Group, a leading B2B eCommerce software provider, has released a free guide to help distributors build, launch, and grow their B2B eCommerce websites: The eComm Wheel of Growth.
Lifting more with less with Piab’s new piCOBOT®L vacuum pump unit
Piab has continued to evolve its piCOBOT® program by adding a larger version. Developed with the needs of customers in mind who work with small industrial robots and cobots, its high payload combined with a low building height enables maximum capacity usage.
Components Express Introduces Index Mount™ Adjustable Camera Mounts
Component Express, Inc. (CEI) is pleased to announce its new Index Mount™ adjustable camera mounts. Two different models are available—the Index and the Index Max. Both mounts feature a full 360 degrees of rotational freedom, with the Index and Index Max supporting 90- and 180-degree tilting, respectively.
Pivotal Technology Drives Success for Wholesale Distributors
To compete in today’s market, wholesale distributors are looking to create exceptional customer experiences. They understand that satisfying customers sustains loyalty and leads to consistent new business, but to deliver on that promise they need better tools that can minimize manual workflows and improve accuracy.
Flexible Inductive Sensors with a Rotatable Head
Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce the new IRC40 Inductive Proximity Sensors. Specifically designed as a durable solution for daily indoor and outdoor applications, they ensure accurate detection of actuating parts, such as skid conveyor positioning, step detection on escalators, and material positioning on conveyor systems.
Expanding Your Automation Portfolio with WireXpress
WireXpress is dedicated to supporting our automation focused distributor customers. We have designed our product portfolio with your specific needs in mind. Our goal is to help you quote a complete bill of materials more often through access to over $1 Billion dollars in inventory, access to leading brands, competitive pricing and world class technical support.
How To Increase User Adoption For Your CRM
Less than 40% of CRM implementations are fully successful, and when your company is investing invaluable time and money, this process is essential. ( Implementing new technology for your company can be challenging, but having a partner with a strong understanding of your business, and working with you every step of the way can ensure successful adoption.
Move From Reactive to Proactive Maintenance Using LLumin CMMS+
A plant’s overall success is heavily influenced by the effectiveness of its maintenance organization and how well maintenance activities are incorporated with the facility’s production schedule. With millions of dollars invested in equipment, manufacturers need to prioritize and even emphasize their maintenance strategy.
Calling All Enginerds®: Class Is Back in Session at RTA!
That’s right, Real Time Automation, the foremost authority on industrial connectivity solutions, is offering two very different but equally worthwhile workshops this fall. Take a look.
CIMON Automation to Kick-Off a Spectacular New Product Launch + Training Event at IMTS 2022 in Chicago
In event room E353C in the East Hall, CIMON will be hosting its very first New Product Launch + Training Event, taking place on September 14 and 15. Attendees will be the first to see and train on our newly developed HMI design software and test our next generation of HMI and PLC products before they are released into the industrial market. AWS, GE, CODESYS, InfluxData, EMQ, Infinity Controls, and Praxis Automation will all be on stage to present the advantages and obstacles of using the cloud, MQTT, CODESYS, TSDB, and various hardware in real-world applications in industrial sectors. They will also discuss navigating upcoming changes in the field with live Q&A sessions.
Tips For Wholesalers To Compete With Amazon
We all know Amazon is the biggest disrupter in the retail and distribution space. This isn’t breaking news, we know. It’s a way of life at this point. There’s no denying the financial and logistical power of Amazon. But how are you competing? Let’s walk through the current consumer behavior landscape plus tips to help you compete and reduce losing your clients.
Upgrade to IKO Mechatronics, the Superior Solution.
IKO Mechatronic products are designed to provide smooth, reliable, accurate positioning for even the most demanding applications. Our positioning tables can handle complicated operations such as synchronized movement in a designated pattern, high frequency operations, and multi axis movement.
New Leuze plant in Malaysia begins operation
After a construction time of just 16 months, Leuze has opened its new production site in Malacca (Malaysia). With immediate effect, Leuze sensors will be produced there for the international market. Leuze's Asian customers are primarily supplied from Malaysia.
SensoPart VISOR Vision Sensor honoured by Vision Systems Design 2022 Innovators Awards Program
Sensopart’s VISOR vision sensor with advanced result processing capabilities was recognized among the best in machine vision by the judges of the Vision Systems Design 2022 Innovators Awards program.
Omron Automation Americas Recognizes Airline Hydraulics Corporation as 2021 Distributor of the Year
Airline Hydraulics Corporation (Airline), a leading distributor of industrial machinery and safeguarding products, is recognized by Omron Automation Americas (Omron) as a recipient of the 2021 Distributor of the Year Award, throughout North and South America. This award recognizes Airline's substantial investments in Omron's inventory, exceeding sales achievements, continued expansion with a new location in South Carolina, and Airline's mobile technology showcase of Omron products, the Tech Traveler. Omron recognizing Airline with this award proves Airline is a strategic partner and industrial customers have increased accessibility to local Omron inventory and technical support.
Value Added Services through WireXpress
WireXpress offers a wide range of value-add services designed to help you with speed and ease of handling and installation or total cost of ownership. There is a lot of unproductive labor associated with material handling, WireXpress has the capabilities to help you reduce those costs.
DDS’ Q2 Numbers Are In!
Q2 was another productive quarter “by the numbers” for DDS product content! We added 45,861 all-new Industrial Automation products alone* to our data set, with more than 550 of those coming from brand-new manufacturers.
item America compiles Robotics Innovation in one platform
No matter the application needed, item can handle it. The new Robotics ContentHub from item features everything from robot cells and extendable robot tables to mobile trolleys for cobots. Integration is the name of the game when incorporating robotic systems of any kind into your processes. Because item product lines, like the Original Machine Building Kit System are so versatile, the possibilities are endless.
Why the Right Time to Upgrade from QuickBooks is Now
For growing distributors, there comes a time when QuickBooks limitations may begin to hinder operations, limit growth, and diminish profitability. As your team expands, or your company takes on new locations, the information that has to flow throughout your operation swells out of control.
Who is WireXpress and the Benefits of Redistribution?
WireXpress is a Master Distributor, or Redistributor, created specifically to support our distribution customers in a meaningful way. The WireXpress sales team understands your unique needs, we only service distributors are solely focused on helping you take profitable market share by filling more orders and expanding beyond your core offering.
item Collaborates with MiR for Synergistic Solutions
Both Auto Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) have become increasingly popular and widely used in production facilities – particularly in intralogistics applications, where employees can be relieved of time-consuming monotonous tasks to focus on value-creating ones. The adaptability of item, especially the Original Building Kit System, lends itself to versatility and is applicable for both AGV and AMR uses. In collaboration with MiR, this AMR-compatible flow rack with shooter functions allows racks to be filled by automatically interchanging empty and full boxes between the AMR and a separate flow rack.
Distributors Discuss The Keys to Their Success
DDI System's Inform ERP Software is purpose-built with the tools successful distributors need to increase customer reach, quickly respond to sales requests, and become a service leader. Download the e-book to read first-hand experience as distributors discuss the success they experienced once switching to DDI’s Inform ERP Software.
Allied Automation Announces New Partnership
Mechatronic Systems is an international manufacturer of control systems, robotic workstations, autonomous mobile robot systems and IOT solutions. Mechatronic Systems and Allied Automation, today announced the partnership for Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky & W. Virginia. The partnership will provide clients with engineered solutions to enhance their manufacturing facilities.
DDS Attends AHTD’s Spring Meeting 2022
DDS was pleased to attend the 2022 AHTD Spring Meeting, our second event as a Strategic Business Partner. We enjoyed spending time with so many AHTD members, manufacturers, and fellow service providers, and were delighted to be able to answer questions and share insight to help both vendors and ASPs manage and deliver next-gen Industrial Automation e-commerce product content.
item Educates on Robotics and Linear Innovation
The item Academy opened its (virtual) doors in 2020, and has recently expanded its repertoire with courses introducing pupils to robotics and the integration of robotics in industrial facilities. Compatible with the Original Building Kit System, these robotics systems put movement into your workplace. Each learning module focuses on introducing these systems to a wider audience and improving the knowledge of those already familiar with the concept.
Safety at an Attractive Price
Leuze is bringing to market the new ELC 100 safety light curtains, which can be used to reliably guard points of operation: The devices contribute to making machine designs cost effective and are easy to integrate and install. Manufacturers and operating companies of machines and systems can now use new Leuze safety technology for contactless guarding of points of operation at an attractive price.
Launch of the New TraceParts Website
TraceParts, a world-leading supplier of 3D digital content for engineering and design, has just launched a new version of its corporate website (, thereby providing parts suppliers, design software vendors, IT hardware manufacturers, 3D printing professionals and rapid prototyping experts with a more intuitive interface, a modernized design and a wealth of new features.
New HPS Centurion D1 dV/dT Filter
Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) has a new addition to their line of power quality products – HPS Centurion D1 dV/dT Filter. HPS Centurion D1 is designed for use between variable frequency drives (VFD’s) and motors when long lead lengths are used. It combines an inductor and parallel resistor network to mitigate both high frequency components and voltage spikes between the VFD and motor.
From Wieland Electric: Superior Safety, Less Effort
Motors in conveyor systems need to be switched off safely, but the wiring and energy distribution involved is usually very complex, involving bulky cable trays, and complex distribution boxes. As a result, Wieland Electric has developed a new motor starter that reduces the complexity of installation and improves the safety of conveyor systems. The podis MS 5HP is a compact, robust and user-friendly drive component with an integrated STO (Safe Torque Off) function. The safety function disconnects the power supply from the emergency stop circuits completely.
RG Group names new Vice Executive Chairman of the Board
Randy Gross, Executive Chairman of the Board, is pleased to announce that Michael J. Kays has accepted the position of RG Group Vice Executive Chairman of the Board, effective April 1st, 2022. In this expanded role with RG Group, Mike will provide support to the CEO and his Senior Leadership Team in business related activities, notably with the implementation of strategic initiatives. In addition, Mike will have responsibilities related to the governance of the Board of Directors as well as ensure the effectiveness of the quarterly Board of Directors meetings. This is the next step of a long-term succession plan as Randy begins to transition his responsibilities as Executive Chairman of RG Group.
Fuji Electric Instrumentation and Control Products – Watch the Latest Video
For almost 100 years, Fuji Electric has been in the forefront of technology and energy products. Our goal is to manufacture the highest quality, superbly engineered, innovative products including Instrumentation and Control, AC Drives and HMIs. Learn more about Fuji Electric Instrumentation and Control products including, pressure transmitters, flow meters and gas analyzers. Used in a wide variety of applications ranging from Oil & Gas to Food & Beverage facilities, our line of products deliver accuracy and precision, every time! Visit us at Table 6 at the Product showcase at the Spring Event and learn more about Fuji Electric and our products.
WireXpress and Teledyne FLIR: Your Partners for Thermal Imaging
At WireXpress, our mission is to help our distributor customers grow their sales and profitability. One of the ways we are able to support your business is through the strategic partnerships we maintain with world-class manufacturers. Teledyne FLIR is a prime example of a partner who is dedicated to providing our distributor customers with the best products and support available. FLIR has many products that serve the automation space, handheld and fixed thermal cameras, sUAS cameras, test and measurement devices, and cameras for people counting, machine vision, and acoustic imaging.
B&D Industrial Hires New Vice President to Drive Emergent Software and IIoT Enterprise
B&D Industrial has furthered the investment made in software and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions with the hiring of John Finnegan to lead B&D’s emergent IIoT solutions. B&D’s IIoT enterprise consists of a software as a service offering that collects data from various devices in a manufacturing or municipal facility and is available for display and usage in multiple manners, including condition monitoring, machine learning, and critical compliance needs from a secure cloud-based platform. The promising IIoT solution has significant synergies with B&D’s core 75-year history of reliability and expertise, including B&D’s recent acquisition of GTI Predictive last year.
KYKLO CEO Remi Ducrocq Featured at B2B Online
Receiving recognition is a wonderful thing, but as we’ve been told over the years, it is better to give than to receive. KYKLO Co-Founder and CEO, Remi Ducrocq, exemplifies this credo. The recognition he has received as one of the leading experts in the field of B2B digitalization has been elevated by his willingness to share his journey with others.
RG Group Announces Certified Integration Partnership with Seegrid
Steve Bennis, President and CEO of RG Group, headquartered in York, PA, announced the agreement with a leading supplier of high payload autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Seegrid robots are used to improve operational workflows by organizations of all sizes – across a broad spectrum of industries.
DDI System’s Free On-Demand Webinars
DDI System’s Inform ERP is a completely-connected business software suite built with Industrial Supply dealers in mind. Watch one of our on-demand webinars below for insight into the tools and features successful distributors are utilizing in their ERP software today!
Schmalz to Showcase Vacuum Technology Products with Interactive Robot at MODEX Trade Show
Schmalz Inc. will be exhibiting three of their innovative vacuum technology products at the MODEX 2022 trade show from March 28th through 31st in Atlanta. The updated Schmalz booth will feature the Area Gripping System (FQE), the modular VEE end of arm tool as well as the new Jumbo Order Picker. There will also be a robot at the Schmalz booth demoing these world-class products.
Having Trouble Sourcing Key Automation Products?
At WireXpress, our mission is to help our distributor customers grow their sales and profitability. WireXpress has a value proposition designed to help you increase your market share by driving new account acquisitions, increasing your relevance with existing customers, and growing your core business.
item America and ActiNav: Innovative Bin Picking Solutions
Stable from the ground up, item America has developed three solution frames for the Universal Robots ActiNav systems. Built on the Original Building Kit System, these three solutions feature the flexibility and stability item is known for. The ActiNav UR5e (Medium Size), UR10e (Medium Size) and UR10e (Large Size) are available as starting points to create a customized frame.
Airline Hydraulics Corporation Announces Expansion Into South Carolina
Airline Hydraulics Corporation (Airline), a leading distributor of machine automation, fluid power, and machine safety products, will open a new warehouse and technology center at 120 Corporate Drive, Suites G-J, Spartanburg, S.C. The expansive 15,000 square-foot facility will increase Airline’s ability to supply technical solutions in the Southeast as they have in the Northeast for over 73 years.
10 Reasons Why Fuji Electric is the Right Fit for You!
Did you know...Fuji Electric AC Drives are utilized in Industrial Hygiene solutions? Our FRENIC-Mini drives are installed in cleaning machines for kitchens, heaters, and air conditioners.
New Twin Profile Rail Stage Actuator From Tolomatic Improves Accuracy in XYZ Motion Systems
The new Twin profile Rail Stage (TRS) actuator from Tolomatic improves accuracy and increases production uptime on XYZ linear motion systems. The machined, rigid design handles high moment loading while providing reliable stable positioning along the length of travel. Able to carry loads up to 1350 lbf (6.0 kN), the TRS multi-axis system features an aluminum single-body frame for high rigidity to prevent deflection. The flat carriage design and sealed components ensure clean, smooth operation.
The DBLOCK Series Is Further Expanded
C for Compact. This is the main feature of the new ‘C’ models of the CEMBRE DBLOCK series of power distribution blocks. Our range of single-pole, two-pole and four-pole distribution blocks is expanded with new models that offer an even greater number of inputs/outputs for successful performance during the various stages of the wiring phase.
MPSA Group Announces New Machine Safety Website
Machine & Process Safety Assessment Group (MPSA), a division of Airline Hydraulics Corp., launches its new machine safety website,, on March 1, 2022, featuring faster browsing speeds and a new blog, “Machine Safety Talk.” Site users can easily learn about turnkey machine safety solutions offered through MPSA’s six-step safety process and access best practices, FAQs, training programs, and more.
Next Steps to Building the Right Customer Experience Online
KYKLO was pleased to be a sponsor for the Distribution Strategy Group's Webinar: "Next Steps to Building the Right Customer Experience Online" on 2/23. Keep an eye out on KYKLO's LinkedIn page for the recording - coming soon!
Does your plant need Predictive Maintenance? Let's make this EASY.
Yes, it really can be easy! By now you have probably read tons of material talking about Reactive Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Predictive Maintenance. If you’re like me, you probably feel exhausted with all of the numbers and graphs that get tossed at you about this. I’m going to try and make this easy for all of us.
Measuring and Switching Multi-Talent
The innovative ODT 3C sensor from Leuze can handle both measuring and switching tasks. The new 2-in-1 solution is thus suitable for a wide range of automated industrial applications. Is there an object on the conveyor belt? If yes: What is its position or distance to the machine? These are typical issues that need to be addressed in a wide range of industrial applications and processes. In the past, system operators solved this problem through the use of multiple sensors.
10 Things to Learn From Top NFL Programs
After one of the most entertaining NFL seasons (and playoffs) in recent memory, I thought it would be fun to examine several practices that distributors can take away from top-flight NFL programs. After all, distributors compete for market share in their own “playoff” bracket.

If you think about it, the playbooks for your sales team and distribution operations are similar to the playbooks and strategies of professional sports teams, specifically when it comes to studying game film. In the NFL Playoffs, success relies heavily on pre-game preparation.
CARLO GAVAZZI's New EM530 and EM540 Three Phase Energy Analyzers
CARLO GAVAZZI is pleased to announce the launch of our new EM530 and EM540 Three Phase Energy Analyzers. These compact analyzers are an exciting new addition to our well-established range of energy meters and power analyzers, which are targeted to assist manufacturers and end users in monitoring and managing escalating energy costs.
Augment Your Growth Strategy with WireXpress
Our goal at WireXpress is to help our customers quote a complete bill of material, expand beyond their core offerings, support their customers anywhere geographically, and write larger orders. We believe that one of the easiest way for our customers to augment their growth strategy is to access and ongoing support in 5 key product categories; Wire & Cable, Data Communications, Industrial Networking & Controls, Security/AV/Wireless, and Support & Supplies.
Provide Exceptional Customer Response from your Smartphone
DDI System’s InformMobile enables sales teams to gain a competitive advantage by having quick and easy access to essential ERP features from any mobile device. Build and edit quotes and sales orders, check order status, view customer accounts and invoices, sales history, detailed contact information, tasks, and events right from your smartphone or tablet. Having valuable ERP details and information streamlined to smartphone and tablet scale offers the opportunity to deliver unprecedented service and gain a competitive advantage with the tools needed for remote and on-the-go operations.
SensoPart: Offering Simple Connections to DENSO Robots
The VISOR® Robotic vision sensor was specially developed for the challenges in robotics applications. With its integrated, standardized interfaces, it can be easily incorporated in existing installations and robot systems from leading manufacturers. Specially developed apps, libraries, and function modules allow seamless communication between the vision sensor and robot. This considerably facilitates setup, operation, and data exchange. This enables fast integration of the sensor in numerous applications. Our latest Denso Library release joins our existing library consisting of ABB, Doosan, Fanuc, Kuka, Mitsubishi Electric, Staubli, Universal Robots, and Yaskawa allowing quick connection and programing.
Fuji Electric Delivers High-Performance AC Drives
Check out our latest video for AC Drive solutions! Fuji Electric delivers high-performance AC Drives that offer automatically controlled motor operations and operating speeds for a wide variety of drive applications. See which of our world-class drives best fit your applications!
With the piSOFTGRIP® 100-4, Piab is launching the largest gripper of this series
Piab is proud to introduce the new and largest piSOFTGRIP®100-4, developed especially with food industry automation in mind. It is also capable of handling odd-shaped machine parts or remove injection molded parts. The piSOFTGRIP® 100-4 has four gripping fingers and a vacuum cavity allowing it to hold objects up to 100mm [3.93 inch] in width. Like all other members of the piSOFTGRIP® family, it is made in one piece, resulting in a simple and robust product. Made in detectable silicone approved for direct contact with food, the vacuum gripper can be used to automate the handling of all sorts of fresh, unpackaged and delicate food items, without the risk of crushing it.
New Tolomatic RSH electric hygienic rod-style actuator delivers clean, continuous control to automation machinery
A new RSH electric hygienic rod-style actuator has been released by Tolomatic, delivering clean, continuous control to automation machinery. RSH actuators are designed to help improve repeatability, enhance quality, reduce contamination potential and increase flexibility of hygienic machine designs, particularly for the food, beverage, medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
New Website Offers Better Glimpse into DDS’ Advanced Solutions
DDS (Distributor Data Solutions), the wholesale distribution industry’s leading product content solution provider, today announces the launch of its wholly redesigned website. The site’s updated design and messaging unveil new branding while clarifying the company’s solution offerings and directing visitors to the most relevant and efficient customer experience according to their needs.
Proax Technologies Moves into SMC Automation Canada’s Former Facility
SMC Automation Canada, Ltd will move its Canadian warehouse to Noblesville, Indiana in an effort to consolidate certain business functions. We are pleased to announce that Proax Technologies Ltd, Canada’s fastest growing automation distributor, will take over our 76,000 sq. ft. facility at 6700 Millcreek Dr. in Mississauga. In addition, SMC’s existing Canadian warehouse & assembly team will be joining Proax effective January 1, 2022.
3 New Manufacturing Technology Trends 2022
Manufacturing technology trends in 2022. This won’t be your typical list, this list is carefully crafted based on what we have seen ourselves as an industrial intelligence solutions company that works with numerous manufacturing companies and sees the inter-workings and business processes of these companies day in and day out. So, no – we didn’t make this article to tell you that there is a work shortage in the manufacturing industry for the 100th time, or that Machine Learning and AI are the future. (But we might help you learn how to overcome and take advantage of these things.)
Components Express, Inc. Names New COO
Components Express Inc, a leader in machine vision and industrial cable manufacturing with production in Illinois is pleased to announce the appointment of a new position, Chief Operating Officer (COO) to the executive team. Clayton Webber, a proven strategic leader has joined Components Express as Chief Operating Officer to drive growth in support of the strategic scaling mission. Webber brings over 20 years of Industrial Automation experience with multi-national organizations to CEI. Serving most recently at Balluff Inc. as Director of Channel, Webber was responsible for Distribution Partners, E-Commerce and brand labels.
Slim Electromechanical Plug-In Relays and Sockets
CARLO GAVAZZI has launched the RPYS Series Electromechanical Plug-In Relays, with screw and push-in terminal sockets, and accessories that include busbars, retention clips, ID tags, and protection module. The slim, compact design of the RPYS is ideal for electronic and automation panels with limited space. Its 13mm wide footprint saves customers more than 30% of utilized space when compared to other industrial plug-in relays.
What the 2022 Automotive Industry Report Means for The Coming Year
The beginning of fall signals a yearly wind down period for many industries, but for the automotive industry the changing colors of the leaves mean things are just getting started. The annual Automotive Industry Outlook Report is published each September by the industry research group LMC Automotive, and this much-anticipated projection of the year to come in the automotive industry helps set the path for manufacturers across the globe.

While it’s no surprise this year’s outlook report contains some sobering forecasts as the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are indeed some bright spots in terms of production levels, sales, and exciting developments for OEMs, panel builders, machine builders, systems integrators, and other players in the industrial automation space relative to their work in the automotive industry.
WireXpress and Distributor Data Solutions Join Forces to Enhance Your E-Commerce Platform
WireXpress and Distributor Data Solutions are partnering together to improve your customers’ online experience. Through DDS’s product content management solution, CONTENT/io, you will receive customized, automated exports of stocked WireXpress products uploaded directly into your e-commerce platform. By providing next-gen product content and pricing directly to your ERP, your customers will have an exceptional e-commerce experience.
Crouzet Introduces Millenium Slim – The Slimmest Logic Controller Ever
Crouzet is proud to announce the release of Millenium Slim (aka M-Slim), the slimmest logic controller ever! Bridging the gap between basic control devices (time delay relays, monitoring relays, counters and more) and logic control (Crouzet’s Millenium and em4 logic controllers/nano-PLCs), M-Slim is a logic controller in a timer’s body. Removable terminal blocks allow mechanical design engineers to design an even smaller form-factor package using M-Slim.
7 Critical Success Factors to Build a Great Customer Experience Online
This has become even more critical as both distributors and manufacturers accelerate their adoption of ecommerce. Distribution Strategy Group recently completed the 2021 State of Manufacturing Sales Channels study. In that research, we found the channel is shifting away from traditional distribution (manufacturers predict a decrease of nearly 20% in use of that channel over the next five years) and moving toward the use of digital sellers such as marketplaces and pure digital distributors, an 80%+ increase.
Actvantage for MDM: 4 Foundational Analytics to Become a Data-Driven Distributor
Data analytics is essential to profitable growth for distributors as the industry becomes more digitally focused. Yet, with so much data to work with, it’s difficult to know where your efforts with analytics will be most effective and impactful. Which should drive your growth strategy? Four core analytics stand out in terms of our Growth Cube framework, and these analytics will help you execute both traditional and non-traditional growth strategies...
Compact Low-Profile Power Supplies
CARLO GAVAZZI has launched the Compact Low-Profile SPMA Series Switch Mode Power Supplies, which are merely 63mm (2.5”) deep. Designed for Industrial and Building Automation, the SPMA Series is a compact, low-profile DIN mount solution with 3 frame sizes from 17.5mm (15W) to 70mm (100W). With integrated diagnostics and protection, these products are ideal for applications that demand performance and reliability while maintaining very high efficiency. SPMA Power Supplies also come with 4kVac isolation voltage for use in electric vehicle charging stations.
Piezo Motion and Precise Motion unite to expand control and automation technologies
Piezo Motion, a Brain Scientific (OTCQB:BRSF) company, and Precise Motion & Control Inc. together announce a distribution partnership. Piezo Motion is a developer and leading manufacturer of precision motor technology. Precise Motion & Control, based in Tampa, Florida, specializes in motion control and industrial automation solutions. Through this partnership, Precise Motion will expand its product line to offer unique piezoelectric motors to its customers.

Piezo Motion’s unique technology meets Precise Motion’s needs for a compact design along with cost-effective automation. Piezo Motion’s multifaceted rotary and linear motors are built with technology that provides a stable, accurate motor that is designed specifically for OEMs that require ultimate speed, size, and accuracy.
Why The TS 8 is The Perfect Enclosure for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
You see electric vehicles (EVs) more and more these days. In fact, industry experts predict that it could only be a matter of years before they’re just as common as their traditional counterparts. As electric vehicle technology continues to evolve and EVs become both more available and affordable, so goes the development and proliferation of electric vehicle charging stations.

The U.S. Department of Energy tracks the EV charging stations locations, and as of October 2021 more than 40,000 electric vehicle charging stations were in use across the United States. While that number may not be as impressive as the number of gas stations in use, it’s important to remember the move toward electric vehicles is still in the infant stage, and that as recently as just two years ago the U.S. had barely 20,000 charging stations in use.
KYKLO Attends the AHTD Fall Meeting
Once again AHTD lived up to their moniker/hashtag #AHTDRocks and we kind of believe KYKLO helped in the whole “Rocking” department. Seven people from KYKLO attended the event. The Lucky-7 number goes hand-in-glove with the AHTD’s Final Party Event – An Evening in Monte.

Our group was more than busy during the conference. KYKLO held over 80 unique meetings with existing and potential clients. This allowed our Customer Success Managers time to better understand the current situation with clients and better engage in their role of accelerating the online success of the people who employ KYKLO to drive their digital presence.
Wireless Solutions for the Factory Floor
The factory floor is becoming smarter and manufacturing processes are changing rapidly. While wired solutions have long been the standard, we are quickly moving towards predictive maintenance, instantaneous monitoring and remote-controlled processes. Transitioning to smarter factories allows a manufacturer to gain greater visibility into their production data and the lifecycle of major assets, creating a safer and more efficient work environment. As wireless solutions become more prevalent and industrial networks bring more connected devices online, WireXpress would like to become your trusted advisor and partner.
DDS: A Follow-Up from Fall Meeting 2021
DDS is thrilled to have been a part of the 2021 AHTD Fall Meeting. We were fortunate to meet many of the wonderful AHTD members and honored to answer questions and share valuable insight to help both manufacturers and distributors manage and deliver next-gen e-commerce product content.
E1-Rated Inductive Proximity Sensors Designed for Mobile Equipment
Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce the new ICS Series E1-Rated Inductive Proximity Sensors. Specifically designed for the challenging applications on mobile equipment, these sensors offer unrivaled performance focusing on reliable detection and reduced downtime.
How Reshoring is Affecting Industrial Automation in the U.S.
In the past, the case for offshore manufacturing for North American companies may have initially seemed to make sense for some. Labor was inexpensive, emerging markets across the globe were building robust infrastructure to facilitate freight and trade of goods and products, and faster, more efficient methods of communication and logistics were making it easier than ever before for companies to create a global footprint.
KYKLO Continues to Build for the Future
KYKLO, the trusted partner of leading manufacturers and distributors, releases new content for Carlo Gavazzi, Fab-co Air, and Mac Valves. They will be bringing a large group to AHTD and are looking forward to meeting with existing clients along with developing new relationships and even partnerships! Read more about some of the new faces that will be attending AHTD with the KYKLO team!
Jo-Kell Inc. Announces Acquisition of Advanced Technical Sales
Located in Pompano Beach, FL, Advanced Technical Sales (ATS) is a distributor of industrial electrical and automation products to the southern Florida area, with a focus on technical expertise and providing custom engineered solutions. The acquisition of ATS will bring a market-leading reputation for product knowledge and customer support to a Jo-Kell team that now numbers over 90 employees.
Connectivity and Infrastructure Solutions for Industry 4.0
With margins and timelines under increasing pressure, the growing pace of disruptive technologies, and the intensified focus on workplace safety, you and your customers’ ability to be resilient and agile is critical to remaining up and running, as well as staying competitive.

Connectivity and advanced analytics are now enabling a smarter manufacturing experience, allowing your customers to improve processes and differentiate their end products.
How Rittal Automation Systems Helps Manufacturers Navigate Labor Shortages
While the events of the last 18 months have certainly created new and challenging problems for the world to solve, what’s flown a little beneath the radar is the existing problems that simply have been exacerbated or accelerated by the global pandemic.

This is certainly true with the U.S. manufacturing landscape and its significant labor shortage. A recent study conducted by The Workforce Institute at UKG revealed that while the U.S. manufacturing sector has certainly bounced back since losing around 30% of its shifts in mid-April 2020, nearly two-thirds of manufacturers are still struggling to fill labor gaps.
Introducing The New
After a year of hard work and determination, Airline Hydraulics Corporation (Airline) is proud to announce the launch of their new website, live on September 17, 2021. The website,, is a one-stop shop for components and engineered solutions for fluid power, automation, and machine safety applications. With faster browsing speeds, a sleek redesign, and a more user-friendly eCommerce, industrial business owners can rely on the new to keep their machinery running at peak efficiency.
GCG Acquires ACD Advanced Controls and Distribution
Leading value-added wire and cable solutions provider GCG announced today the acquisition of ACD – Advanced Controls and Distribution. ACD is a provider of unique automation solutions for customers across western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and eastern Ohio.

ACD’s full-line offering ranges from controls to high-tech automation products from manufacturers including Siemens and Banner and robotics solutions from Nachi and more, along with an extensive supply of supporting products. ACD customers rely on their knowledgeable sales team and application engineers to select the right solutions for their specific needs.
KYKLO Releases the Top Common Roadblocks when Launching an Online Solution
KYKLO, the trusted partner of leading manufacturers and distributors, continues to guide manufacturers and distributors in the right direction on how to avoid certain roadblocks when pertaining to building your online platform. As the industry evolves further into the online world KYKLO is committed to simplifying the transition to joining the online market by helping distributors stray away from the most common roadblocks that can deter businesses from pursuing the online market.
Special Pricing and Rebate Management Solutions from Interlynx
Interlynx has solved one of the biggest points of friction between Manufacturers and their Distributors – Special Pricing and Rebate Management. Their system simplifies the special pricing (SPA) submittal and approval steps and brings simplification and transparency to the rebate approval process. Manufacturers are reporting significant labor savings, more accurate rebate payments and happier Distributors.
Valin Corporation Acquires Sun Automation Inc.
Valin Corporation, a privately held, employee-owned company providing technical solutions for the technology, energy, life sciences, natural resources, and transportation industries has acquired Sun Automation Inc. located in Chandler, Arizona. The acquisition strengthens Valin Corporation’s robust automation product portfolio. The acquisition was made effective on July 30, 2021.
Airline Hydraulics Corporation Completes Acquisition of Hy-Performance Hydraulics
Airline Hydraulics (Airline) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hy-Performance Hydraulics (Hy-Performance). Since 2013, Hy-Performance is a husband-and-wife team specializing in on-site repairs of hydraulic equipment throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. David Oppel, Owner of Hy-Performance, will operate from Airline’s Lancaster, NY facility (located six miles from Hy-Performance) to provide customers with faster on-site repair turnaround and expand Airline's already extensive hydraulic repair offering.
IO-Link Photoelectric Sensors with Groundbreaking Application Flexibility
Carlo Gavazzi is excited to announce an expansion to the successful PD30 Photoelectric Sensor family with IO-Link. This new sensor series offers the most functionality in a single photoelectric sensor on the market. Endless configurations, preventative maintenance capabilities, and special application functions provide users with unparalleled and groundbreaking flexibility for their applications.

Carlo Gavazzi is introducing four special application functions pre-programmed into these sensors: Speed & Length, Pattern Recognition, Divider/Counter, and Object & Gap Monitoring functions. Each has been developed to optimize common industry applications through design simplification, flexible configurations, and ease of maintenance/troubleshooting.
Expand Your Portfolio with WireXpress
Automation distributors specialize in providing world class solutions to solve their customers’ most difficult and complex needs. Due to the scope and complexity of these solutions, it is almost impossible to have access to all the brands, products or inventory needed to fulfill a customers’ complete bill of materials. WireXpress, who sells exclusively to distributors, sees this as an opportunity to help you sell more. With $1 Billion in inventory, partnerships with leading manufacturers and 45+ stocking locations in North America, one call does it all.
New Cockpit Vision Software Expansion Package Lets You Connect 4 Additional Industrial Cameras to SmartVision Controller
Balluff’s new vision system software expansion package allows users to add up to four additional cameras to the SmartVision controller, bringing the total to eight. Each camera operates independently using its own instance of the Balluff Cockpit software.

Cockpit, Balluff’s camera interface and programming tool, allows users to set up tasks like verifying measurements or reading codes. The SmartVision controller runs these tasks without the need for additional software. The Cockpit graphical user interface is accessible from a web browser, so you don’t have to connect a computer directly to the cameras to configure or operate them. The Cockpit software, which is licensed for up to four cameras, comes preinstalled on the SmartVision controller. The new expansion package provides licensing for an additional four cameras.
Interlynx Post Sale Survey Feature Now Available
Interlynx Systems has launched a new “Post Sale Survey” feature for our Sales Lead Management Systems. The program provides an opportunity for the inquiring customer to provide feedback on their experience interacting with your company. Users can provide feedback on “responsiveness” and “competence” scales in an unbiased way – helping managers to monitor the overall levels of service from their sales team.
B&D Industrial's Gearing+Reliability Solutions Group Achieves Timken Bearing "Gold" Certification
B&D’s Gearing+Reliability Solutions Group (GRS) service center in Macon, GA recently received the Timken Bearing Certified designation after an extensive audit process. In addition to thorough training, the “GOLD” audit process includes meticulous pre-and post-audit evaluations.

Timken’s Bearing Certified designation verifies that facilities adhere to appropriate practices regarding bearing maintenance. Specifically, the certification highlights B&D’s commitment to best-practices procedures and equipment utilized while storing, moving, installing, and maintaining bearings.
SensoPart Awarded Outstanding Score in Vision Systems Design 2021 Innovators Awards Program
SensoPart, German sensor manufacturer, announced today that its “Target Mark 3D” vision sensor detection principle was recognized among the best in machine vision today by the judges of the Vision Systems Design 2021 Innovators Awards program. The judging panel consisted of
esteemed experts from system integrator and end-user companies.
Schmalz at AWFS 2021: Focusing on Efficiency
The Schmalz team is grateful to be back at our first LIVE show since the pandemic. In our booth (#1308) you will have the opportunity to drive our ergonomic handling solutions, participate with a collaborative robot set up showing the latest in vacuum clamping systems and see how gantries and other industrial robots, with the help of our custom area gripping end-of-arm-tooling systems, can improve production and productivity in many of the wood handling processes.
B&D Industrial Acquires GTI Predictive Technology
B&D Industrial, a corporation based in Macon, Georgia, announces the acquisition of GTI Predictive Technology, a division of GTI Spindle Technology, Inc. of Manchester, New Hampshire.

“Passing the torch to B&D is a proud moment for myself and the GTI team. Using Apple’s iPad and wireless technology to change the landscape of the predictive industry was just the start of what can be done. B&D is a clear choice for my vision to bring more innovation to the Industrial Internet of Things. Bringing the GTI team together with the innovators at B&D will in no doubt be a win/win for the industry.” -Tom Hoenig, Owner/President, GTI.
New CI/D1 Explosion-Proof AC & BLDC Gearmotors and Motors
Bodine Electric Company introduces forty new Ex-Proof AC and BLDC gearmotors and (4) new motors, that are UL listed for use in environments where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are likely to exist under normal operating conditions. These new CI/D1 geared motors combine Bodine’s high-performance type 34R6 (inverter-duty AC) or type 34B6 (brushless DC) motors with an integral parallel shaft type FX gearhead. Typical applications include chemical injection pumps for the oil and gas industry, automated equipment for use in aircraft hangars, petroleum refineries, dry cleaning plants, fuel servicing areas, chemical processing (cannabis distillation), or industrial coating and mixing facilities.
Balluff Adds Compact Magnetic Encoder for Safety Applications
The latest addition to Balluff’s safety portfolio delivers precise, non-contact position measurement for demanding automation applications.

Our BML SF2 magnetic safety encoder measures and transmits safe incremental position information to a connected safety control system using a G interface, an analog signal with 1 Vpp (sin/cos). The G interface is certified for applications up to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2) per EN 61800-5-2 / EN 62061 / IEC 61508 and Performance Level d (PL d) per EN ISO 13849-1.
B&D Industrial and Macon Bacon to Collaborate to Help Build a Home in Partnership with Macon Habitat
A partnership between B&D Industrial, Macon Bacon, and Macon Area Habitat for Humanity will kick off during a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday, June 1 at 10:00 AM at 578 Carman Place. In an effort to empower the community with affordable housing, these two businesses have come alongside the mission of Habitat for Humanity to contribute towards the building of a home in the Lynmore Estates neighborhood. On Tuesday, June 1st, representatives from each of the three organizations will join together to break ground and bless the foundation of the new home.
Baumer PFMH Now Handles Large Silos in the Dairy Industry
The industry leading Baumer PFMH pressure transmitter has been used for many years in different applications in the Dairy industry. With the new PFMH long shell for the first time ever Baumer is now able to handle large silos in the Dairy Industry. The PFMH with long shell connection allows users to upgrade current hydrostatic level measurement with a new and innovative device that is very easy to use and helps utilize assets more successfully.
Omron and Proax Enhance Customer Experience Through 4-Year Challenge
Launched in 2017, the initiative challenged Omron’s channel partners to further the company’s mission of improving lives and contributing to a better society by striving for accelerated growth.

Since its launch, the Proax team has risen to the challenge by making significant investments in technical staff dedicated to Omron products and solutions, their expansion through strategic acquisitions and the addition of new offices all across Canada. This increased synergy between the Omron and Proax teams not only reinvigorated team members across both organizations but highlights the limitless potential of a fortified partnership.
Schmalz Inc. Celebrated the Groundbreaking of its Phase I Expansion to its Raleigh NC, Headquarters
Schmalz Inc. was pleased to host a groundbreaking event to celebrate the expansion to their headquarters facility at 5850 Oak Forest Drive, Raleigh, NC., together with representatives from the project implementation team: Jim Sherrer, President of Design Development; Camilo Pena, Architect with Design Development; Melissa Davis, Project Manager with CT Wilson; Craig Herndon, Construction Manager with CT Wilson; Gary Vickerson, Vice President of Operations at Schmalz; Inc., John Feutz, Vice President of Strategic Operations at Schmalz, Inc.; Carrie McGlothlin, Vice President of Finance at Schmalz, Inc.; and Dr. Volker Schmitz, President & CEO of Schmalz, Inc.
KOGANEI Expands Motion Control Capabilities with Air Picker and Air Gripper Components
KOGANEI International America, Inc., has added the Air Picker and Air Gripper (Bridgestone Series) components to their selection of high performance pneumatic grippers. These versatile rubber end effectors are designed to handle workpieces securely, gently, and with precision. The Air Picker and Air Gripper have numerous factory automation and warehouse applications, including picking, transporting, and loading products, as well as sealing and stopper fitting.
SmartCamera Lite Focuses on Quality Control
The latest addition to Balluff’s SmartCamera portfolio provides a cost-effective option for manufacturers wanting a machine vision system but not requiring image analysis features.

The new BVS XL SmartCamera Lite is a simplified version of Balluff’s existing smart camera. It provides the same quality control of objects but without some tools that aren’t needed for simpler tracking and monitoring applications.

This new lite model is another option for customers needing a machine vision system but not requiring all the image analysis of the full-size smart camera models. But, like our other smart cameras, it allows customers to detect production defects early in the manufacturing process. It detects machine codes, text including serial numbers, and guides robots in position finding.
RG Group Names New Chief Revenue Officer
Jason Guiddy will be stepping into the new role of Chief Revenue Officer effective August 1, 2021. ?Guiddy moves into this position concurrent with Dennis Ohme’s retirement as RG Group’s Chief Sales Officer.

Jason Guiddy will be expanding his current duties as Vice President of Sales and Marketing to take on the responsibilities passed down by Ohme. During his 7 years at RG Group, Guiddy was instrumental in reinforcing both the sales and marketing teams to capitalize on the most promising market development opportunities. The University of Pittsburgh alumnus brings 22 years of engineering and sales experience to the position.
EPC Offers New Heavy Duty Shaft Absolute Encoder
The new Model A58SB absolute bus encoder is designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments. Heavy duty, rugged and reliable, this shaft absolute encoder is available in both single and multi-turn resolution. As an absolute encoder, it is especially suited to applications where an encoder needs to retain position information after power-off scenarios.
KOGANEI Introduces PVR20 Series
KOGANEI International America, Inc., has expanded its line of Media Isolation Valves with the PVR20 Series. The new compact valves isolate aggressive gas and liquid media typically found in life science and medical analytics applications. Streamlined passages minimize internal volume to less than 60 microliters by using rocker type design.
ON/OFF Current Sensor for Critical Load Monitoring
CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the addition of a compact ON/OFF current sensor, which is ideal for monitoring of critical loads such as fans, water pumps, lighting, and motors. The EISH Series can detect current as low as 200 mA AC and up to 60 Amps AC, making it optimal for applications in a variety of markets including HVAC, water treatment, data centers, tunnel/airport lighting and other areas of critical infrastructure.

The EISH Series features a space-saving and versatile housing which can be either DIN rail or panel mounted. It has a built-in current transformer with a solid state normally open output. A 12mm through hole easily accepts insulated wire. The EISH Series is self-powered from the input current, making it simple and cost-effective.
DCKAP’s Cloras Integration Changes the Game for B2B eCommerce
DCKAP is honored to have worked with the team at Marysville Marine. Ryan Van Hoozer, Vice-President of Operations was invited to one of our eSessions to tell us about his experience in digital transformation. Our industry-leading middleware solution is what changed the game for them, in choosing DCKAP to take the reins.

Cloras integrates with endless applications, making it a truly revolutionary experience for B2B businesses at any stage. Reach out to our integration experts for a personalized experience.
Automated Palletizing of Sweet Tea and Juice From a Cold Room
While palletizing cartons is a regular automation application, doing so from a cold room that is regularly hosed with water to stay clean is a specific challenge. Motion Controls Robotics overcame these by using vacuum technology from Piab supplied by Neff Group Distributors.

Bringing sweet tea and juice to the market requires palletizing the cases filled with respective bottles to be palletized for transportation to retail outlets. Due to their perishable nature, they are stored in cold rooms. A customer turned to Motion Controls Robotics Inc (MCRI) from Fremont, OH, to replace an inefficient existing system, in which the vacuum cups and pumps utilized did not cope well with the average temperature in the cold room of 35°F (1.7°C). This caused vacuum cups to become rigid and pumps to not provide enough vacuum to hold cases leading to regular drop downs. A better system had to be found to handle cardboard cases weighing up to 42lbs (19kg).
Simplify Guided Format Change with New Balluff Digital Position Guide
Balluff’s new digital position guide simplifies format change and minimizes errors and downtime.

The easy-to-use position indicator was designed to simplify format change to more easily meet the ever-decreasing lot sizes resulting from individualized packaging and special formats. It allows users to quickly configure machinery to adapt to varying materials, weights and package counts, while adding precision to the process.

The sensor is connected to the machine and shows what nominal values need to be met for the format change. A built-in runlight and numerical display guide the user to the correct values. The user simply turns the spindle to reach the correct preset values.
RG Group Announces New CEO and COO
RG Industries Board of Directors announced today that Mr. Steve Bennis has been named Chief Executive Officer, RG Group, effective August 1, 2021. Mr. Bennis most recently served as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Patrick Gross will assume the role of President and COO of Distribution Services, also effective August 1st.

Rich Freeh assumes the role of Executive Advisor to the Chairman of the BOD and will add his experience, leadership, and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

“A successful corporate succession plan has been in the works for the last three years. The post COVID period is here, and I believe this is the ideal time for Steve to assume the CEO role. Steve and I have been working closely over the last 24 months to ensure a seamless transition for our customers, vendor partners and most importantly our associates.”
Safety Magnetic Sensors for Design Flexibility
Carlo Gavazzi is excited to introduce its new family of MC88C Sensors to broaden our available housing options for the growing family of MC Safety Magnetic Sensors.

The new MC88C Series of magnetically coded REED safety sensors are the ideal solution to monitor the position of sliding, hinged and removable safety guards. When connected to a safety module, these sensors are suitable for safety gate applications up to PLe/Category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1. They are designed to stop or disconnect dangerous motions when mobile protections are opened or displaced. These applications are common in the industrial Food & Beverage, Door & Entrance, Plastic & Rubber, and Material Handling market segments.
MPE Partners Announces Investment in 80/20 Inc.
MPE Partners (“MPE” or “Morgenthaler Private Equity”) today announced an investment in 80/20 Inc. (“80/20” or “the Company”), a world-class originator and manufacturer of aluminum T-slotted building systems for various applications and end-markets. MPE Partners’ investment positions 80/20 Inc. for accelerated growth, ensuring the Company remains an industry leader, world class employer of choice, and committed partner to all customers.
Piab is proud to announce the launch of the new piSAFE® program
While maintaining market leading vacuum performance thorough Piab’s patented COAX® technology the flexible design and ease of maintenance makes it a perfect choice for challenging robotic applications and ergonomic handling devices where safety is a key concern. Whether you want a centralized or decentralized vacuum gripping system, interfaces towards common (industrial standard) EOAT systems or stand-alone mounting, the piSAFE® program provides a high vacuum safety and high performing configuration specified for you.
High-resolution vision sensor with integrated lens
Compact design, easy installation: SensoPart’s 5-megapixel sensor VISOR® V50 is now available with integrated lens and lighting, making it unique on the market. An additional version with an increased depth of field allows the flexible detection of objects at fluctuating distances.

Thanks to a high resolution of 2560 x 1936 pixels, the versatile vision sensor detects the smallest details, even from longer ranges. Last spring, SensoPart presented a variety of Cmounts for its new VISOR® V50 sensor series, now it is launching the version VISOR® V50 M with an integrated lens. The M stands for “medium field of view”, with a focal width of 20 mm. The focal position of the lens can be easily and comfortably adapted to different distances with the aid of a software-controlled motorised focus.
New Balluff Photoelectric Sensors Provide Condition Monitoring Data
The new photoelectric sensors with condition monitoring from Balluff deliver capabilities not yet seen before in the market.

In addition to providing solid photoelectric sensing, they deliver the condition monitoring and advanced IO-Link features of the Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) portfolio, meant to eliminate downtime by simplifying trouble shooting, changeover, and setup of machines.

All new SAMS products, including these new photoelectric sensors, are self-monitoring, providing internal environmental data in real time, including temperature monitoring, relative humidity, inclination detection, and vibration monitoring. The sensor’s signal quality is displayed on LEDs on the sensor, and operating hours and time functions are available using IO-Link.
Schmalz Jumbo Tube Lifters
Vacuum tube lifters provide an ergonomic working environment by preventing health problems resulting from lifting and moving heavy loads. Paired with a Schmalz aluminum crane system, the lifter-crane combination sets the stage for implementing new, ergonomic work processes where manual lifting once occurred.

Three distinct models make up Schmalz’s Jumbo line of vacuum tube lifters: the JumboFlex, JumboErgo and JumboSprint. These lifters, which use only vacuum to raise and lower loads, are used in a wide variety of industries to ensure efficient material flows. They allow loads to be handled faster and more securely while protecting both the materials and your employees.
New Balluff Inductive Washdown Sensors Add Value to Your Application
Like the other inductive sensors in our portfolio, these provide wear-resistant, non-contact position detection of metallic objects.

These, however, are members of Balluff’s Smart Automation and Monitoring System (SAMS) portfolio—SAMS. That means they’re packed with additional features.

First, they include condition monitoring which reports the sensor’s internal temperature, relative humidity, and inclination, plus vibration monitoring in real time via IO-Link. The sensor’s operating hours and more functions are also available using IO-Link.

Second, LEDs on the sensor can show the sensor’s signal quality, blink when sent a ping via IO-Link to help you locate it, or perform other useful functions.
alliantgroup Dispels 10 Myths about the New Employee Retention Credit
The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was updated for 2021 and is now one of the most powerful sources of federal relief for businesses but there is a lot of misinformation swirling around it. Many businesses are wrongly disqualifying themselves and many businesses think it’s safe to just fill out a form to claim it. Read this article to see how we dispel the top 10 Employee Retention Credit Myths.
Check Out Allied Automation’s Technology Center
Allied Automation’s Technology Center is available to you and your team to experience the epicenter of manufacturing automation technology at your convenience. It is an opportunity to learn and share the power of knowledge that keeps local manufacturing competitive, profitable and local.
5 Ways AI is Driving the Automotive Industry Forward
The automotive industry is at the forefront of adopting the latest technology while still remaining cost efficient. Naturally, artificial intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous as more and more companies adapt to Industry 4.0. According to, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of AI is expected to be a whopping 40% through 2025. And automotive AI is projected to grow to be worth $12 billion by 2026.

As manufacturers continue to innovate, how can AI help usher in the future of the automotive industry?
The #1 Item Picker: MX Suction Cup Family
The #1 Item picker. The MX suction cup family is exceptional for picking various objects primarily for the Logistics, Warehousing, E-commerce, and Recycling industries. The MX suction cup can work across an array of applications such as bin picking, order fulfillment, box depalletizing, and parcel sorting. Gone are the days where you need to change gripper or suction cup for each individual product in the application.

This multi-purpose, energy efficient suction cup boasts extreme gripping capabilities on many surfaces and materials. The MX suction cup has the ability to create a hard seal when using a low-vacuum flow, which contributes to a more sustainable energy output. The MX suction cups are available in five sizes: 35, 42, 50, 57, and 65 mm in diameter and are compatible with our extensive piGRIP® fitting program, allowing for fitting options tailored to your needs. For extra safety and robustness, opt for the aluminum clamp fittings.
Real-Time Monitoring of Solid State Relays
CARLO GAVAZZI has launched the NRG Series of EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus Controllers and multifunction Solid State Relays.

The NRG Series is designed for real-time communication with a controller, allowing machine builders to make informed decisions, solve urgent problems on short notice and aid in the design of autonomous machines. By interfacing with machine controllers and PLCs across EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus networks, the NRGC-EIP, NRGC-PN and NRGC Controllers, seamlessly exchange data to achieve industrial digitalization. The NRG Series provides an all-in-one solution for fast switching, accurate monitoring and high-speed communication, all of which are critical to predicting equipment failures, reducing unplanned stoppages and optimizing overall performance.
Swivellink Expands Robot Accessory Line
Over the last year Swivellink has added several new products into their robot accessory line. These new products are perfect for assisting with machine tending applications, mobilizing/mounting collaborative robots, and other automation needs.

In early 2020 the CB200 series pedestal was introduced and got the ball rolling. Over the last 6-8 months Swivellink continued to roll out more new products and build on their robot accessories. They now offer a mobile base, controller bracket, parts feeder kit, and a mobile table cart.

“Swivellink is blessed and thankful for the growth we have achieved over the years. Keep Swivellink in mind the next time you are looking to automate your machine tending process, mobilize your robot, or simply just looking to mount a robot. We have you covered!”
Piab is evolving – A brand new customer-centric website launches today
The website is one of Piab’s most important customer facing touchpoints. With more than 650,000 users each year, Piab decided to up the ante on both the visual identity and the user experience of the new website. Through countless internal and external interviews, Piab created an even more customer-centric website which focuses on existing customers as well as exploring users.

Piab’s new website is the result of multiple interviews with colleagues and customers around the globe. The new was created to address the insights gathered from these interviews as well as add to a new user experience in accordance with Piab’s new visual identity and core purpose, to evolve automation.
Jo-Kell Inc. Announces Acquisition of Pacific Parts & Controls
Jo-Kell Inc. is pleased to announce the completed acquisition of Pacific Parts & Controls.

Located in Chino, CA, Pacific Parts & Controls (Pacific Parts) is a distributor of industrial electrical and automation products to the southern California area. The acquisition of Pacific Parts will bring a market-leading reputation for product knowledge and customer support to a Jo-Kell team that now numbers over 85 employees.
Rittal Introduces the AX Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Line of Enclosures
Rittal North America has announced the launch of its new AX Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester line of enclosures offering advantages of sophisticated technology combined with the benefits of an extremely robust material. The AX non-metallic enclosure protects the electrical components in harsh environments, such as outdoor applications while its new mounting functionality makes rapid expansion possible and provides a greater scope for installation using smart technology.

Rittal is replacing its previous KS series with this new line of AX non-metallic enclosures that compliment the AX series of sheet steel and stainless steel enclosures. Whether installed in a factory building or exposed to the wind and elements, the new AX non-metallic was built to withstand all extremes.
Guided container and tray identification made easy
Leuze is introducing the latest addition to the BCL series with the new stationary bar code reader BCL 200i. It supports guided container and tray identification, especially suited to tight installation spaces on the conveyor line.

As an expert in the field of identification, Leuze has been producing bar code readers since the 1990s. The company has continuously developed its product portfolio in this sector. LEUZE bar code readers meet numerous intralogistics requirements and are thus suitable for a wide range of applications. With the BCL 200i, Leuze is now expanding its BCL series with an additional stationary bar code reader.
Smart Vision Lights: New Hires and New Certifications
Smart Vision Lights (SVL), a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative LED illumination solutions for machine vision and other applications, is proud to announce the addition of two employees: Miguel Sanchez and Paul Powers. Smart Vision Lights is also pleased to announce that it has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management systems (QMS). SO 9001:2015 is an international QMS standard developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization. The standard is based on several quality management principles, including an outlined process-based method, strong customer focus, and involvement of upper-level company leadership. Organizations worldwide use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.
Accu Tech USA Announces Launch of New Website
Accu Tech USA, a customer-focused automation and motion solutions company, announces the launch of a brand-new website: Designed with customers in mind, the new website enables users to easily find the product information they need for their specific application.

Accu Tech USA’s new website has a sleek, user-friendly design along with helpful content for customers and sales distribution channels. Accu Tech USA's director of marketing, Kristy Foushee, explains, "We're very excited to launch our new website. It's been a very collaborative project. We solicited input from each of our stakeholders to ensure we best reflect our products, services and capabilities, while ensuring an easy navigational experience for our website visitors." Foushee continues, "Our partnership with Brasco/// on this project has resulted in a fresh online experience that encompasses our customer first culture as well as the technological expertise and breadth of services we offer."
Murrelektronik Joins MHI
Supply chains are ever changing as progress demands new trends and advancements, and it’s because of this that Murrelektronik became a member of the Material Handling Institute (MHI) on January 1 of this year. MHI is the nation’s largest material handling, logistics, and supply chain association, and Murrelektronik’s membership with the organization further cements its leadership in the warehouse automation industry.

“Coincidentally, at the beginning of 2020 before COVID-19 was a concern for the US, we decided to invest our resources into warehouse automation to further propel it to the cutting-edge industry we believe it is becoming,” said Mike Drolet, Business Development Manager: Logistics at Murrelektronik. “MHI is the association that brings together suppliers, integrators, and practitioners to confront and solve the industry’s most challenging issues, and since we did not see our core competency represented in the current members, we felt that we could bring valuable new perspectives to the community.”
Triad Technologies Organizational Change and Promotions
In order to align their organizational structure to better serve the evolving needs of their customers and key trading partners, Triad Technologies has shifted to a business unit management structure. As part of this restructuring, Triad is pleased to announce the following promotions...
Carlo Gavazzi Appoints Troy Daugherty as Channel Distribution Director
CARLO GAVAZZI is pleased to announce that Troy Daugherty has been appointed Channel Distribution Director for the United States, reporting to Rafal Pabich, V.P. of Sales

Troy is a highly accomplished and performance-driven channel distribution professional with over fifteen years of experience in channel, marketing, and operations management. In addition to his extensive professional career, Troy has served in the United States Army.

Troy graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Sciences degree and later pursued two business graduate degrees; Master of Business Administration from Cameron University and Master of Science in Management and Administration from the University of Texas.
Wöhner Presents Groundbreaking Motor Starters MOTUS C14 Based on C14-Technology
With the motor starters of the MOTUS C14 series from Wöhner, short circuits become less scary. If an error occurs, the electronics switch off the motor within a maximum of 10 microseconds. This means that the MOTUS C14 reacts faster than any fuse and this with a low I2t value. By comparison, the reaction time of a conventional fuse-link is about 2,000 microseconds. With a circuit breaker, the switch-off time in case of a fault is even 5,000 microseconds.
The C14-Technology also ensures that the system is intrinsically safe and can be switched on again immediately after the fault has been cleared. Other advantages of MOTUS C14 include space savings of 75 percent compared to conventional reversing starters and easy mounting and dismounting. The MOTUS C14 product series is equipped with a CrossLink interface and can therefore be used on all Wöhner basic systems. It can be directly connected to the CrossBoard and with basic system adapter also to the other systems 30Compact, 60Classic, 185Power and Panel.
B&D Industrial Announces CEO Andrew (Andy) H. Nations Retirement and Succession
B&D Industrial, Inc. (B&D), a family and employee-owned industrial distributor and service provider in Macon, Georgia, announces the retirement of CEO Andrew (Andy) H. Nations, effective 12/31/2020. Andy will remain Chairman of the Board of B&D Industrial while three of the third-generation family members, Brian Davis, Ben Nations, and Lauren Lanter, will step into the Co-CEO position while continuing in their current operating roles. All were elected to the Board at the annual shareholders meeting in December 2020. Andy will still be accessible to senior leadership and will continue to mentor B&D’s management teams.

Brian, Ben, and Lauren have all been taking on greater management responsibilities for the past decade and have jointly led the company through some significant changes, including implementing the company’s partial ESOP and the acquisition of two large strategic businesses in recent years. The three executives have proven to have a remarkable synergy in working together, yet each with unique professional expertise, which made the co-CEO role a clear advantage and natural fit for B&D Industrial.
Applied Controls, Inc. Announces Chuck Mulcrone as President
Applied Controls, Inc is pleased to announce the promotion of Chuck Mulcrone to President, effective January 1, 2021.

Mulcrone joined Applied Controls in 2006 as the company’s Sales Manager and in 2010 was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He has been instrumental in building a growth oriented, customer focused sales team while personally maintaining strong customer and supplier relationships.

As President, Mulcrone will provide day to day company leadership while executing the company growth strategy and maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers.
IO-Link Photoelectric Sensors Provide IP67 and IP69 Protection, Ecolab Approval
Balluff’s newest photoelectric sensors provide the benefits of IO-Link with an impressive detection range of up to 20 meters.

The new additions deliver the same high quality as our existing 21M product line with three optical operations — a diffuse sensor, a retroflective sensor, and a through-beam emitter and receiver. Each is rated IP67 and IP69K and is also Ecolab approved thanks in part to a newly design metal housing with improved sealing and a plastic lens.

This makes them an ideal choice for packaging, food and beverage applications as well as general factory automation. Their highly visible red light with impressively large light spot (an inch square at one meter) makes them simple to set up and easy to align.
The NEW Model LCX Draw Wire Solution is quick and easy to install on EPC encoders
Available in wire lengths from one meter to 42.5 meters, the Model LCX draw wire is compatible with the following 58 mm shafted encoders with clamping flange: absolute encoder Model A58SE, which offers EtherCAT® and PROFINET® communication protocols; Model 758, a high-performance incremental encoder; and the Model 858S, a stainless steel incremental encoder. Choose the right encoder and wire length for your motion control application.
AHTD Announces Future Leaders Program
AHTD is proud to announce the new Future Leaders Program for all members.

Success in today’s business environment calls for a deep and broad leadership perspective. Managing a workforce with diverse ages, values, and thinking styles is a daily challenge. Increasing productivity with fewer resources calls for leaders with the know-how to help employees adapt to change. AHTD provides continued professional development to emerging leaders in member organizations by offering a Principles of Leadership Excellence (PLX) curriculum. PLX will help you equip your talented, high-potential employees to become your next generation of leaders.
AHTD Preps Next Generation of Industrial Automation Leaders
When Adam Jackson walked into the 2018 AHTD Spring Meeting, he noticed “a definite age gap between the majority of the room and me.” Jackson, 35, is the Regional Director of Sales in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska for Power/mation, an automation solutions provider.

During that first session, he did spot other people his age. After networking with them following the day’s events, he came to AHTD Executive Director Leigha Schatzman with an idea. “I wanted to put together a group of younger future leaders and executives in industrial automation so we could build up experiences and enjoy the same benefits our mentors have had as part of AHTD,” Jackson says.

Jackson created a proposal that included a mentor program and leadership and financial skills development. “The priorities of the program were split between developing a network of peers that we’re going to be in business with for the next 30 years and developing the skills necessary to continue the success our mentors have had,” he says.
Survey Shows Companies are Getting Creative to Compete for Top Talent
A recent Hot Topic Survey conducted by MRA on Compensation shows companies are getting creative when it comes to compensating and competing for top talent. Competitive pay is the greatest attractor; however, companies are using innovative rewards and unique benefits, in addition to base pay, to offer more robust total compensation packages.
Epson Robots New Distribution Partner - Industrial Control of Zeeland, MI
Michigan’s factory-automation distributor, Industrial Control, is now one of only two distributors of Epson Robots for the state of Michigan.

Epson Robots is a global leader in PC controlled precision factory automation, with over 100,000 units sold worldwide and a product line of hundreds of models of easy to use SCARA, Cartesian and 6-Axis robots based on a common PC based platform. Building on a 35-year heritage, Epson Robots today delivers robots for precision assembly and material handling applications in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, biotechnology, consumer product, electronics, food processing, medical device, pharmaceutical, plastics, semiconductor, and telecommunication industries.
Easily Connect Ethernet Devices and Gain Advantages of IO-Link
Balluff’s new CC-Link IE Field Basic network block with IO-Link makes it easy to connect Ethernet devices while providing the benefits of IO-Link.

With 100 Megabit Ethernet, it delivers optimal performance in applications with low automation levels, where the gigabit speed of the CC-Link IE Field Master is not needed, such as bar loading magazines. It uses the Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP) for transparent communications to enable seamless connectivity within all levels of manufacturing. And it is built into a rugged IP67 metal housing that makes it suitable for harsh industrial environments.

It also provides the benefits of IO-Link, which includes device detection and the automatic transmission of parameter and configuration data. Users can connect up to 16 standard I/Os or eight IO-Link ports. A display window reveals module information, while status LEDs at each port offer easy diagnostics. Overall, it delivers simple integration and fast startup.
Jo-Kell Inc. Announces Kristin Parkinson as Chief Operating Officer
Chesapeake, VA (November 16, 2020) – Jo-Kell Inc. is pleased to announce that Kristin Parkinson has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer effective immediately.

Initially hired as the head of the company’s Jacksonville branch, Parkinson took charge immediately and led the Jacksonville team to more than 500% revenue growth over her tenure. Her operational excellence and team management skills led to her promotion to the company’s Executive Vice President of Operations in 2019, as she relocated to Jo-Kell’s corporate office in Chesapeake, VA.

Parkinson has a reputation for getting things done quickly and efficiently, all while seeking to uplift those under her direction. With this prominent position in the company’s corporate office, she will expand on her proven track record of effectiveness and oversee Jo-Kell’s day-to-
day operations.
Jo-Kell Inc. Announces John Kelly as Chief Corporate Officer
Chesapeake, VA (November 16, 2020) – Jo-Kell Inc. is proud to announce that John Kelly has been promoted to Chief Corporate Officer for the company. Kelly has been with Jo-Kell for over 18 years and has proved integral in that time across a number of key roles.

Kelly brings immense experience to this new position having previously held such titles as Channel Manager, Business Process Manager, and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, among others. He has created new departments in the company, led teams in times of emergency, and always brought clear guidance to every position he has held.

Moving forward, John will continue to oversee all of Jo-Kell’s sales and marketing efforts as well as providing leadership in establishing the direction of the company in both the short and long term.
Crouzet’s Solid State Relays are Back
After a few years off the market, Crouzet, a leading world manufacturer of mechatronic components, is launching an extensive new range of static relays. They are back ...And even stronger!

An extensive new light-design range
Maybe you remember Crouzet's GN and GNA static relay ranges? Then you'll definitely be delighted to see them again with all the characteristics you appreciate, and some new characteristics too.

The new relays have the same power outputs, with a lighter design, ideal for tough environments, and a modular cover to use the IP00 and IP20 versions in the same reference. The range of items covers 125 A and 200 VDC or 660 VAC.

Overvoltage protection (input and output) comes as standard in the Classic and Performance versions. In connection with mounting, the relays can be mounted on panels or on DIN rails.
EPC Offers New Draw Wire Motion Feedback Solution
Encoder Products Company’s new LCX Series draw wire units work with EPC encoders to accurately measure position and provide motion feedback in motion control applications. The LCX Series of Draw Wire solutions is manufactured for EPC by our German technology partner and offers wire lengths from 1 to 42.5 meters in length. EPC_LCX-1

“The maintenance-free draw wires are particularly quick and easy to install,” says Dave Wilson, National Sales Manager for EPC. “Draw wires are used for motion feedback because of their reliability. Coupled with an EPC encoder, the highly-flexible steel wire of the LCX is an excellent choice for motion control in robotics, extrusion presses, textile machinery, control gate positioning, theater stages, elevators, gantries, boom cranes, forklift booms, and motion control applications across all industries.”
Murrelektronik, Inc. Announces Expanded Partnership with BRAAS
Founded in 1961, BRAAS, a division of Motion Industries, is a leading US-based distributor/reseller focused on products and related services for Industrial Automation and Control. Working with Dave Weinberg, Murrelektronik’s Director of Sales – West, they will be expanding the Murrelektronik product line to their locations throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

BRAAS’ mission is to be your first choice for automation solutions. With over 180 employees, they view themselves as a resource for you and operate as an extension of their suppliers. As the largest distributor in the US for many of their top lines, their mission is to be your first choice for automation solutions.

Choose Murrelektronik and BRAAS for the experience and know-how to solve your biggest automation challenges.
See Schmalz Door Lifter in Action at IWF Connect
Today’s door manufactures can be required to move upward of 500 doors every day. The growing variety of designs include increasingly larger and heavier doors which places high demands on the handling technology used in production. As a result, manufacturers are pursuing the powerful lifting aids from vacuum specialist Schmalz. With the JumboErgo tube lifter, employees can move doors weighing up to 300kg (660 lbs.) effortlessly, safely and without risking injury to their backs.

The JumboErgo tube lifter from Schmalz is a modular system with a suction cup or gripper for almost every application. With variants for elongated workpieces or beams to the four-head suction cup tool for large doors, heavy loads can be lifted easily and placed accurately by a single operator. A quick-change adapter makes changing grippers quick and simple, while a quick-response, non-return valve prevents the load from dropping -- even in the event of a power or air failure. With the mobile operator handle, which features a motorcycle-type grip, users can easily pick up doors from a high or low position.
Single-Phase Compressor Soft Starters
CARLO GAVAZZI has launched the RSBS Series, a compact, single-phase soft-starter. The RSBS is designed for single-phase compressors and is an ideal solution in single phase voltage networks that are prone to voltage fluctuations. The high inrush current caused by starting compressors in these conditions can cause light to flicker, fuses to trip, generators to stall, and other disturbances. The RSBS uses a current limiting algorithm to reduce compressor start current by more than 50% when compared to Direct Online (DOL) starters. Its control algorithm automatically detects when the compressor reaches full speed to make sure that the internal bypass relay switches ON when the current is at an optimum level. The RSBS can limit inrush currents up to 45 Amps under balanced conditions with a maximum ramp-up time of 600 ms. Its special HP function ensures the compressor receives enough starting torque by allowing a maximum current of 80 Amps even when the pressures are not balanced.
Linear Transducers with Redundancy Add Insurance to Critical Uptime Applications
Florence, Kentucky (October 9, 2020) — With up to three independent measuring systems operating concurrently in a single housing, Balluff’s new fail-safe magnetostrictive linear position sensors with digital interfaces ensure uninterrupted processing for uptime critical applications.

Available in four form factors to meet specific application needs, each of these new rod-style transducers has either two or three separate sets of electronics and sensing elements operating concurrently in in a single housing.

“People are interested in redundancy when downtime cannot be tolerated. In uptime critical applications, when downtime would only be costly but could also be catastrophic, having redundant measuring is like having an insurance policy. Three concurrent measurements allow for continuous and reliable data comparison,” said Balluff After Sales Technical Support Engineer Scott Rosenberger.
Power/mation Announces Sam Petty as New President
ST. PAUL, Minn., Oct. 13, 2020 -- Serving most recently at ABB as Director of Channel Management for Industrial Automation, Sam Petty brings extensive experience and knowledge to Power/mation’s chief position. Petty’s career includes previous roles at Hirschmann (Belden Inc.), Rexel, Roxtec and Swagelock.

“It feels like family,” Petty said about his new position, which became official on October 5, 2020. “I have come to know Power/mation well over the last ten years with ABB and I am excited to bring leadership to this solid, well-respected organization. A highly technical sales team, many of whom are degreed engineers, a skilled business development team, a custom solutions business that adds value to our customers–it’s the whole package.”

As new president, Petty will continue to develop Power/mation’s current initiatives including partnering with the industry’s best suppliers and cultivating new talent with Power/mation’s long-running Technical Sales Associate (TSA) program.
Piab extends the piSOFTGRIP® program with the piSOFTGRIP® 30-3
Piab is proud to introduce a new smaller size of the soft gripping tool piSOFTGRIP®, developed especially with the food/chocolate industry in mind.

Hingham, MA – The vacuum-based soft gripper will grip sensitive and lightweight objects of odd geometries and/or an unusual surface.

piSOFTGRIP® has three gripping fingers and a sealed vacuum cavity, all made in one piece, resulting in a simple and robust product. The product is not sensitive to dust and the gripping force is easily adjusted and controlled by the applied vacuum level.
First Coast Manufacturers Association (FCMA) Announces Jo-Kell Inc. as their 2020 Partner Member of the Year
Jacksonville, FL (September 25, 2020) – Jo-Kell Inc. has been named 2020 Partner Member of the Year by First Coast Manufacturers Association. This award recognizes the partner member that has demonstrated exceptional achievement in all categories of Leadership Engagement, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Workforce Development, Workplace Safety, and Environmental Stewardship. Jo-Kell displays the highest commitment to the goals and objectives of the First Coast Manufacturers Association in supporting the manufacturing community of Northeast Florida.

“Serving our customers is a core tenet of everything we do at Jo-Kell,” said Suzy Kelly, CEO at Jo-Kell, “but to succeed at that, we have to make sure our team of employees is taken care of both at work and at home.” With Kelly at the lead, Jo-Kell presented its staff a $1,500 Pandemic Preparedness Bonus and implemented company-wide safety policies to combat COVID-19. With their mental and physical health tended to, Jo-Kell’s employees have been able to focus on their work while remaining 100% operational throughout the pandemic.
Two in one: Leuze presents the GSX, the world's first combined fork sensor
With the new GSX combined fork sensor, Leuze is once again introducing a worldwide innovation. This product combines the advantages light and ultrasonic sensors. The GSX sensor is exceptionally suitable for labeling machines used in the packaging industry.

With the introduction of the GSX, the world's first combined fork sensor, Leuze is continuing its decades-long tradition as an innovator. Leuze invented not only the first label fork sensor with the GS05, but also developed the first ultrasonic fork sensor with the GSU14. With the company's latest innovation, the GSX (various models available), Leuze has expanded its fork sensor product range by adding a combined model that can do both: light and ultrasonic. It combines the advantages of the optical variants with those of the ultrasonic solutions, and it is best suited for labeling machines used in the packaging industry. With this innovation, Leuze is once again demonstrating their many years of expertise and the application know-how of the Sensor People in this field.
Balluff Sensor Detects Magnetic Field Interference, Stops False Triggering
Florence, Kentucky (September 25, 2020) — Balluff’s latest magnetic field sensor was designed specifically to withstand the magnetic fields of weld applications.

The BMF 415 weld-immune magnetic field sensor can detect interference of magnetic fields caused by high weld currents and stop the sensor from false triggering by using a higher level of circuitry and filtration. It’s IP67 rating and protective shielding to protect against weld spatter, additionally make it ideally suited for automotive welding conditions.

It is available in 2 versions: standard and IO-Link. The standard version comes preset with an interference suppression time of 600 ms, while the IO-Link version is configurable from 50 to an impressive 1,000 ms. Both versions are available in M8 and M12 connections and with both black and orange TPE and full silicone cables.
Inside Business Names Jo-Kell Inc. a Winner of the Hampton Roads Top Workplaces 2020 Award
Chesapeake, VA (August 14, 2020) – Jo-Kell Inc. has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2020 honor by Inside Business. The list is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage, LLC. The anonymous survey uniquely measures 15 drivers of engaged cultures that are critical to the success of any organization: including alignment, execution, and connection, just to name a few.

“Our focus at Jo-Kell has always been on our employees,” said Suzy Kelly, CEO at Jo-Kell. “Receiving this award tells us that our employees agree, and that recognition inspires our entire executive team to continue to make Jo-Kell the best place to work in Hampton Roads, or anywhere!”
New for robotic applications: Compact ServoWeld® actuators from Tolomatic deliver high force in a small package
MINNEAPOLIS, September 15, 2020 — The latest generation of Tolomatic high-force actuators for seventh-axis robotic spot-welding is now designed on a compact footprint in Tolomatic’s most power-dense actuator for weld-gun designs. Compact ServoWeld® actuators, available in two patent-pending models, are designed for automotive body-in-white resistance spot welding as well as high-production sheet-metal welding applications. The compact servo motor and high-force actuator combo can deliver up to 30 million welds (CSWX model) in typical robotic welding applications along with increased force and speed capabilities.

Force range and speed easily adapt to increases in production demand. The Compact ServoWeld CSWX, for both steel and aluminum weld applications, features Tolomatic’s specially designed roller nut to handle 95+ percent of welding applications with C, X and pinch weld guns. The CSWX can provide up to 18 kN of pressing force (4,047 lbf) in a compact 90 mm frame. Top-speed C-gun performance is 10.5kN of force (2,023 lbf) and 700 mm/sec (27.5 in/sec). Options include integrated force feedback, manual override and long stroke.
Starter Kits Provide Inexpensive Entry into Balluff IO-Link
Balluff’s IO-Link Starter kits provide an inexpensive introduction to IO-Link for customers interested in learning more about this powerful communication standard.

The kits, available in three different sets — measurement, sensing, and traceability — are designed to introduce key components so that customers new to Balluff IO-Link can evaluate the suitability of IO-Link for their specific applications and see the Balluff difference. All three kits include Balluff’s market leading IO-Link Master and I/O hub, Balluff inductive and capacitive sensors, DIN C style valve connectors, and a Balluff three-segment SmartLight tower light. Devices specific to each area of application are also included.
The IO-Link Starter Kits also include Balluff’s Device Manager software and videos demonstrating configuration and monitoring of each included device. There is no PLC required for device configuration. All required cables and connectors are also included.
Carlo Gavazzi: IO-Link Capacitive Proximity Sensors
August 20, 2020 - Buffalo Grove, IL – CARLO GAVAZZI is pleased to announce the launch of our new Capacitive Proximity Sensors with Integrated IO-Link communications. Building upon our existing range of sensors, these new sensors are housed in durable AISI316L stainless steel housings or PTFE Teflon housings for high chemical resistance.

Based on our 4th generation TRIPLESHIELD™ sensors, the CA18.. and the CA30.. Series sensors represent the ideal solution for industrial automation equipment in applications where the sensing performance needs to be constantly and accurately monitored and logged.

Besides the full range of technical features provided by our capacitive sensor families, the IO-Link communication mode enables additional advanced functionalities such as: QoR (Quality of Run), QoT (Quality of Teach) and diagnostic parameters. With IO-Link each sensor becomes fully programmable and customizable, allowing more than half a million setting combinations.